Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 December 2017 full episode written update: Ishita shifts back to her house

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Published: December 1, 2017 9:33 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 December 2017 full episode written update Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 December 2017 full episode written update: Simmi goes to Ishita and says she knows what she is up to.

Iyer’s are shifting back to their flat and Santoshi sees Iyer’s name plate outside the flat and gets surprised. Madhu says they came back and the tenants left on their own.
Simmi asks Santoshi why she is looking faded and she tells her that Madhu is back and they have shifted to their flat. Simmi asks her to not worry and says that they’ll handle them. She texts Param and tells him and talks to herself that she won’t let Ishita enter into Raman’s life again and Santoshi says she’ll see how she is going treat Madhu now.

Madhu is very happy to come back to her house and asks Mr Iyer to dance with her while Bala and Kiran are settling the house. Ishita comes back and asks Madhu what’s the matter. She says Santoshi turned pale seeing her and couldn’t believe she is here. Ishita asks her to not make fun of her mom in law and her own friend. Madhu pulls Ishita to dance with her while Bala asks her to check what’s the noise outside. Ishita opens the door and finds litter and liquor Bottles outside while Santoshi is looking at them. Madhu and Mr Iyer laugh and ask Ishita if she is still lost in past. Ishita says she recalled so many things from past due to this and they must use all that to get Raman’s memory back.

She goes to Bhalla’s house and sees Raman and thinks he looks too cute in the colour he is is wearing. Raman asks what’s she doing there and she says that they are Tamil brahmins and it’s so bad of them to put those non-veg litter and liquor bottles outside their house. Raman asks when did they shift and she says that doesn’t matter. Raman says how would he know who kept the garbage there and asks her to talk to the society secretary and shuts the door. Simmi asks him what’s the matter and he tells her that Ishita is troubling him again and she asks him to not to worry as she’ll handle her. Neelu gets Simmi the Singh’s telephone number from the Watchman.

Simmi goes to Ishita and says she knows what she is up to and Ishita asks what does she mean. She says she talked to tenants and she knows she did all that ghost drama and says she knows that she is recreating past scenes to get Raman’s memory and she thought of helping her by putting this garbage there. She says she knows Ishita wants to get into their house but she won’t let her and Raman reunite.

Ishita tells Bala that Raman has forgotten everything and he suggests her to talk to Ruhi when Ishita gets a call from someone telling that he and Raman have been nominated for CEO of the year award. Bala asks her if she is sure of this and she says she needs to get Raman’s memory back and she is ready to be bad in his eyes for sometime or to hurt him if it’s for his good.
Shagun meets Richa and asks her to stay away from Aadi but she says he is just her friend and her client but Shagun. Yells at her and asks her to stay away. Richa asks her to behave as it’s her office and she says she doesn’t care but she must stay away from her son and leaves.

Raman, Ashok and Ishita are attending a jury meeting and towards the end a man stops her to clear his doubts and asks about her being with Ashok and Ashok says she is his partner and help him made his company succeed and gives him some papers to check. Raman asks him to double check if she qualifies to be a CEO even . Ishita says how can he doubt his investors and says his company’s losses and says everyone knows about his losses and still he is being a contender for the CEO awards.

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