Tips #2: What And How To Eat When Are Stressed

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While oranges get all of the vitamin C hype, red peppers have about twice as much (95 vs. 50 mg per 1/2-cup serving). In a study in Psycho­pharma­cology, people who took high doses of C before engaging in stress-inducing activities (oral presentation followed by solving math problems aloud) had lower blood pressure and recovered faster from the cortisol surge than those who got a placebo. “Diets loaded with vitamin-C-rich foods lower cortisol and help people cope,” says Elizabeth Somer, R.D.
Extra tips for you
Don’t go more than three hours without eating. This will lead to overeating later. If you have long gaps in your day without meal breaks, plan ahead.The post Tips #2: What And How To Eat When Are Stressed appeared first on Lifehack.

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