Sai Dharam’s Jawaan trailer leaves us with many questions

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Written by Manoj Kumar R
| Bengaluru |
Published: November 23, 2017 12:38 pm

Sai Dharam Jawaan trailer Jawaan trailer: Sai Dharam Tej  is on a mission in the film to keep the bad guys from laying hands on a super missile system called Octopus.

The trailer of Jawaan, starring actors Sai Dharam Tej, Prasanna, Mehreen Pirzada in the lead roles, dropped on Thursday morning. Judging from the trailer, the film revolves around a patriotic young man, played by Sai, who is on a mission to keep the bad guys from laying hands on a super missile system called Octopus.

Octopus is introduced to us as the pride of India. It pops out from a computerised platform as director BVS Ravi aspires to achieve a high coolness quotient and to show how important that is to make sure that this weapon stays protected from the unpatriotic villains. While we are clear that bad guys who want to hurt the nation are going after the weapon, we are not sure what kind of damage or destruction can it bring upon India when it is fired.

Well, we are no rocket scientist but Octopus doesn’t really look even as remotely menacing and beastly as the ones India frequently test fires.

Sai Dharam Jawaan trailer

Unless it has the ability to sneak into the enemy territory without being noticed by anyone and diffuse a deadly virus, it is difficult to imagine what level of damage can Octopus create with its miniature missiles. However, it is only fair that we believe in the wisdom of the director and the writers of Jawaan that they would convince us with their vision and answer all our questions when we watch the full film in theaters.

Watch Sai Dharam’s Jawaan trailer here:

The Jawaan trailer also promises an interesting cat-and-mouse play between the hero and the villain. It is anybody’s guess why the main antagonist, played by Prasanna, is after hero’s family, instead of plotting a clever plan to rob India’s favourite missile system. But, let’s hope that Prasanna’s character has compelling and logical reasons for doing things he does.

The leading lady Mehreen Pirzada gets about 14 seconds in a little over 2 minutes trailer. Composer Thaman S has scored music for the film, which is bankrolled by Krishna under Arunachal Creations. The film is gearing up for the release in December this year.

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