Pictures of Celebs and Proof of the Latest Gossip

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Pictures of celebs are the source of juicy celebrity gossip. Pictures of celebs turn incredulous celebrity scandals into moments of truth. Pictures can’t lie, and celebs are meant to be photographed. So when does truth turn into fiction?

Celebrity scandals start with pictures of the celebs. The latest gossip from Hollywood is grand – but there’s nothing like a paparazzi photo shot from inside a Hollywood celebrity club of a hot celebrity leaning precariously close to the sexy best friend of the spouse – while the unsuspecting spouse is nowhere to be found. Do Hollywood pictures of celebs define the lives of celebrities?

A celebrity picture is worth a thousand scandals. Pictures of celebs backed with a trail of Hollywood gossip is also worth millions of dollars in publicity and tabloid sales, and it can also put an end to a celebrity’s career. Digital photography allows unscrupulous celebrity chasers to stimulate damaging gossip and racist rumors from falsified pictures of celebs – among even the finest celebrities. Designer celebrity Ralph Lauren was falsely accused of telling Oprah Winfrey he didn’t want to design clothes for black women. Pictures of celebs Ralph Lauren and Oprah circulated, although Ralph Lauren was not on Oprah’s show at the time this rumor started.

Pictures of celebs, fact and fiction, circulate not only on the living room television set and on the latest celebrity websites, but also through the court rooms.

Charlie Chaplin, the iconic father of Hollywood Film whose celebrity profile pictures could never go unrecognized, set historical legal precedent for celebrity scandals involving flirtatious affairs with young women. Charlie’s celebrity scandal ruined his career after he was prosecuted for violating the Mann Act – a US Act that gives criminal status to transporting a woman over state lines for sexual purposes.

Lucky for Charlie, he wasn’t convicted. But the latest gossip of the times continued to fuel rumors of Chaplin’s affair with Joan Barry. The latest gossip was so strong, and the Chaplin Barry case so widely publicized, that the Jury declared Chaplin responsible for child support – even though the blood test declared it was genetically impossible. The latest gossip was more powerful than scientific proof.

Celebrity musician Chuck Barry suffered charges under the Mann Act, and today, celebrity politician Eliot Spitzer, New York State governor who helped prosecute prostitution rings and participated in them, is rumored to have the prerequisites for criminal charges under the Mann Act because of his “paid” connections and interstate travel with now-celebrity prostitute Ashley Alexandra Dupré (professionally known as “Kristen”). Pictures of celebs with a solid stream of consistent celebrity gossip easily turned celebrity scandals into criminal acts.

The Michael Jackson sexual abuse case and the O.J. Simpson murder case are celebrity scandals that were set on fire with pictures of celebs and fast-spreading rumors of the latest gossip that quickly turned celebrity scandal into mainstream news. Hollywood and reality, and fact and fiction became one. Ironically, lack of evidence gave these two celebrities a Get out of Jail Free card.

Pictures of celebs are great for keeping up with the latest gossip on celebrity scandals. A photographic look on reality while staring at the photogenic Hollywood stars and pictures of celebs from around the world can keep Hollywood Fact away from Hollywood Fiction. Hollywood stars are meant to be photographed, but their lives are only meant to be falsified in the movies. Is that celebrity leaning on the spouse’s best friend for physical support, or will a celebrity scandal show up in tomorrow’s celebrity gossip column?

Pictures of the celebs should be evaluated with your eyes. Keep up with the latest gossip on celebrity scandals – and keep your eye on discerning Hollywood fact from Hollywood fiction while you’re clicking through those pictures of celebs

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