Impact Of Movies On Children

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One of the problems movies have is that they are a popular medium watched by all. The message incorporated in a film is something, which is spread worldwide. Heroes like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, and Jackie Chan are loved and adored by all and sundry. The things they portray in films are taken quite seriously by the masses. Therefore, the impact of movies on children is also very critical.

Movies have a lot of sub genre; namely, action, drama, comedy, thriller, heist, buddy cop, die hard set-up, action based on science fiction, and horror. Most of the action, horror and science fiction movies portray graphic scenes of violence. The graphic scenes, which show an excessive amount of cruelty and blood, titillate human minds to commit crimes.

A theory is there that human beings have evolved from killer apes. War, interpersonal aggression, and graphic violence all show their relationship to that basis of human evolution. The murderous instincts are inborn which only need some impetus to come out. The directors of the films are taking this theory to imprint the story in the minds of the viewer, not thinking of the impact of movies on children.

The more problematic section of the audience is the children. They are in the process of growing up, so anything they see in their favorite movie is emulated by them. There comes the impact of movies on children. Objectionable movies are those which are censured mainly for strong violence, drug and language. When the youngsters see that their favorite idols are using all kind of disrespectful deeds and speeches they find it cool.

One of the major attractions of being cool is that children view it as a tool to impress other children. The sense of judgment takes some time to grow and when the process of growth is hindered by wrong messages imparted from a popular mass medium like movies, it proves disastrous. There are some movies which indulge in mindless violence. Impact of movies on children is generally known by the consequences. We have seen that a film like Die Hard is based on a hostage scenario in a closed place. The recent result is the Virginia Tech Shooting, where a young boy took the life of 32 others with him inside the institute’s campus.

The U.S schools and colleges have seen a sudden rise in killings inside the educational institutes. Gun violence has increased several folds. In many cases, they are not even reported. The authorities have taken many steps to ensure that such crimes do not occur, but the measures do not ensure that the impact of movies blocked on the minds of the masses.

Another problem is that the movie viewer identifies himself or herself with their favorite heroes and villains, particularly in the use of cigarettes and drugs. Use of strong language is also prevalent in all the Hollywood films, even in PG-13 movies. It has become customary to prove a point verbally by the use of profane language, be it a good man or a baddie.

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