Hindu Brother who helped Police to Arrest Accused

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Reportedly a hindu beated a sikh in ambala india. Just because sikh asked hindu to not smoke in bus.A hindu Brother Lakhwinder Sareen who is President of Akhil Bharti Kranti Dal,he helped Police to Arrest Accused whom beat Sikh in Ambala.

Originality and clarity of the Sikh faith was instrumental in promoting it from its inception in about 1499 and the voluntary adoption by the masses with eagerness and whole-heartedness.
Complete equality, non-discrimination, standing up for true justice, promoting an enduring spirit of positivity (Chardikala), life of service & dedication, promotion of loving communities and the respect, recognition & worship of only One God – the creator of everything and everyone are basic values that are well-known and gave the world a simple and universal faith. Today, some 540 years after the birth of the founder of Sikhi, Guru Nanak, it has more than twenty five million followers, and is the fifth largest faith in the world.
Sikhi is respected world over and is known as a religion of peace and unity of mankind. The Sikhs have only fought wars to defend themselves or others but are probably the only section of society that have never fought wars as aggressors.

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