Free Daily Trivia Quiz #44 About Movies, Films, Actors and More!

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Free fun trivia about Movies, Actresses, the Oscars, Hollywood, Cinemas, Actors and More

  1. For which film did Callie Khouri win an Oscar in 1991 for screenplay?
  2. Who eventually played the part Kate Winslet went for in Sense & Sensibility?
  3. Who said, “I knew that with a mouth like mine I just had to be a star or something?”
  4. The title of the movie In Which We Serve comes from which book?
  5. Which late 90s movie starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?
  6. Which French sex symbol became an animal rights campaigner later in her life?
  7. Who was the first British actor in the 90s to win the Best Actor Oscar?
  8. In Reversal of Fortune what is the name of Claus’s wife whom he is found guilty of attempting to murder?
  9. About which film did Victor Fleming say, “This picture is going to be one of the biggest white elephants of all time?”
  10. What type of shop does Wendowlene own in A Close Shave?
  11. Which actress appeared on the cinema poster for Titanic?
  12. Who was the first woman to receive an Oscar for acting and scripting?
  13. During the making of which film did Grace Kelly meet Prince Rainier of Monaco thus ending her Hollywood career?
  14. “Mean, Moody, Magnificent” was the slogan used to advertise which film?
  15. Which country singer stared in 9 to 5?
  16. Which actress has children called Scout and Rumer from her marriage to Bruce Willis?
  17. Who failed to win an Oscar after six nominations but received an honorary award in 1993?
  18. What was included inside the wooden horse for Helen of Troy to make the actors more comfortable?
  19. In which film did Mae West say, “Why don’t you come up some time and see me?”
  20. Which star of Three Men and a Baby had appeared in Cheers?
  21. Melanie Griffith married which star of Evita an The Mask of Zorro?
  22. Who was the first actress to win an Oscar for playing the role of an Oscar nominee?
  23. In which film is Vince LaRocca the gangster boyfriend of Deloris?
  24. What was the first word in Citizen Kane?
  25. Where does the most infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally take place?
  26. For which role did Michelle Pfeiffer wear 63 cat suits in Batman returns?
  27. In 1990 who won an achievement Oscar with Myrna Loy?
  28. Who said, “I’m old. I’m young. I’m intelligent. I’m stupid?”
  29. What was the name of the very first sci fi movie, made in 1902?
  30. Who was the male star of The Witches of Eastwick who famously said “I’m a horny little devil?”
  31. In which 1979 film with Bo Derek was the title simply a number?
  32. In 1982 who won a special award for 50 years  of film making?

Daily Trivia Quiz #44 – Movies Trivia Answers

  1. Thelma and Louise.
  2. Imogen Stubbs.
  3. Barbra Streisand.
  4. The Book of Common Prayer.
  5. The Runaway Bride.
  6. Brigitte Bardot.
  7. Daniel Day-Lewis.
  8. Sunny.
  9. Gone With The Wind.
  10. Wool.
  11. Kate Winslet.
  12. Emma Thompson.
  13. To Catch A Thief.
  14. The Outlaw.
  15. Dolly Parton.
  16. Demi Moore.
  17. Deborah Kerr.
  18. Air Conditioning.
  19. She Done Him Wrong.
  20. Ted Danson.
  21. Antonio Banderas.
  22. Maggie Smith.
  23. Sister Act.
  24. Rosebud.
  25. Restaurant.
  26. Catwoman.
  27. Sophia Loren.
  28. Warren Beatty.
  29. Voyage to the Moon.
  30. Jack Nicholson.
  31. 10.
  32. Micky Rooney.
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