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Canada Vich Punjabi | Sant Bhindranwale termed ‘Terrorist’ in Maharashtra School Book !! | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  Sant Bhindranwale termed ‘Terrorist’ in Maharashtra School Book !!  | Must Share

Sant Bhindrawale should be removed from Maharashtra school syllabus: Dhumma. In the event of non-modification of the syllabus, the warning was taken into court of surat. Asked for immediate action by the Maharashtra Chief Minister and Education Minister. Damdami Taksaal, taking strict notice of inclusion of objectionable content related to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in the ninth grade syllabus in Maharashtra schools, warns of taking the matter to court in the event of not amending the syllabus within 15 days.

Sant Giani Harnam Singh Khalsa, Head of the Damdami Taksal, wrote a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnivas, Education Minister Mr. Vinod Tawde and Director of the State Bureau of Justice, Dr. Sunil, in a letter addressed to the Home Department by the Government of India and the Punjab Police regarding Sant Bhindranwale There is no record of being “terrorist” and providing proof that FIR is not registered in any police station against them On page 6 and 10 of the State Bureau of Test Books for the History and Political Science of the School for the Class XII School, on the 6th and 10th of the State Bureau of Inheritance, using the word “terrorist” was not irresponsible and misleading. Demanded to do.

He said that this issue is a sensitive issue for the Sikh community and giving false information about Sant Bhindranwale could lead to hatred towards the Sikh community among students and innocent children. He said that Sikh students of Maharashtra are afraid to create misunderstandings against their hero and great Sikh preacher. He said that it is the responsibility of the state governments to stop the feeling of hatred towards the minority community. Sant Harnam Singh said that the Home Department responded to an RTI by letter No. 17014/1/2017 dated April 5, 2017 that the government has no record of being a “terrorist” of Sant Bhindranwale. He further said that Punjab Police replied in reply to VRTI that there was no FIR lodged in any police station against Sant Bhindranwale.

Nor has they been named “terrorist” till June 1984. He urged the Chief Minister to take the concerned department to the fore immediately after examining the matter and urged for immediate removal of such objectionable, non-responsible and misleading information from the school syllabus. Sant Harnam Singh Khalsa said that the leaders of Maharashtra S. Jaspal Singh Sidhu Chairman Charanjit Singh Happy President Gurdwara Committee Kumbha, Inderjit under the leadership of Supreme Sikh Council Igha force and ownership has created a committee of Singh force. Which will help the government in solving the said case.

On this occasion, the President of Shiromani Committee, Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar lauded the decision taken for the commemoration of the martyr’s soldiers. They expressed deep anguish over the sad demise of the priest Sultan Masih in Ludhiana and said that some misguided opponents want to spoil the atmosphere of Punjab who need to be cautious.

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