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Canada Vich Punjabi | Power of Gurbani-How Sukhmani Sahib changed the Life of a Girl | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  Power of Gurbani-How Sukhmani Sahib changed the Life of a Girl  | Must Share

A school going girl sharing her real life experience when she started doing sehaj path and sukhmani sahib path.This entire cosmic drama is created and is being monitored by HIM only. Sri Guru Granth Sahib explains logically this entire cosmic philosophy and provides guidance, support and direction to we people to get across this delusion created by maya. The way out is simran only. Japjee sahib is essence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sukhmani Sahib is explanation to Japjee sahib.

Sukhmani sahib is in very simple language and for local people, even translation is not required. It is so beautifully worded and is so expressive that one wonders about its depth. It has got 24 ashtpadies with 8 paudies and 1 shaloka in each ashtpadi. It is a valuable gift from fifth swaroopa (form) of Guru Nanak Dev ji i.e. Dhan Dhan Satguru Arjan Sahib Jee Maharaj.

Entire gurbani is worship-able and we bow to it. But ashtpadi 24 explains that Sukhmani Sahib is specially blessed by Guru Sahib.

Guru Sahib has guided that whoever will recite sukhmani sahib any time in future (any yuga); he will be saved, as this bani is treasureful.
Whoever will listen sukhmani sahib with devotion he is blessed with God’s love. He is relieved of vicious cycles of rebirths. His all diseases and pains vanish. As he is now saint and his actions are now pure and he gets highest glory. That is why guru sahib called it sukhmani sahib because of its virtues.
When a person sincerely performs simran through sukhmani sahib, he becomes treasure of virtues. His all desires are fulfilled. He gets honour and everything else. Lucky are persons who get sukhmani sahib, inscribed in their hearts. Whoever recites sukhmani sahib, gets protection, peace, wealth, nine treasures, wisdom, knowledge, blessing of meditation. It is because God’s knowledge is best pilgrimage. The person concerned is blissful in heart, knowledgeable (knowledge of God), impartial towards all, sees God in all. Who gets it? The one who recites Sukhmani Sahib with his mouth. As scriptures also guide, naam of God saves you from effects of sins and the person is blessed when he seeks shelter of God.

My personal understanding is more devotedly, you recite sukhmani sahib, more intuitional meanings will appear in your hirday (heart). And my personal experience had been wonderful. It is panacea of all worldly diseases. Whenever anybody wants help in any regard, he should recite sukhmani sahib with devotion, and lo problems are fixed. Lakhs of people seek blessings through Sukhmani sahib. And if you want spiritual elevation why not to take shelter of satguru’s specially blessed bani?

sabh tay ooch taa kee sobhaa banee.
naanak ih gun naam sukhmanee. [8..24]

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