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Canada Vich Punjabi | Know The Truth About this Girl-Blind Faith of People | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  Know The Truth About this Girl-Blind Faith of People  | Must Share

These thoughts have been inspired by a lot that has been said in various posts across SPN and at home. What is blind faith? Is it right? I know the entity that I am following so my faith cannot be blind. If we take this one step further the ultimate respect we can pay to the Guru is to listen to the wisdom in the Guru and heed what we are told.

If I do not take the time to understand what is written in my Guru then how can I follow the path to Akal Purakh? If Guru Nanak Dev Ji were still alive, we would listen, learn, UNDERSTAND and apply to our lives. Why are we treating Guru Granth Sahib Ji differently? We wouldn’t just parrot Guru Nanak Dev Ji so why is that sufficient with our current Guru? Unless I know what the Guru is telling me, I cannot change my life to become a Gurmukh.
This shabad talks about how once the Guru’s words are understood and followed, the draw towards temptation is eradicated and the Guru’s instructions/praise of Waheguru is the sustenance of the soul.

The rahao line says that when you connect with the Shabad Guru, you obtain peace and form a close connection with Ik Oankar. When living according to the Guru (Granth Sahib’s) way, the connection is so strong that it becomes like a habit-you can’t live without it. The next verse goes on to say that the pure gurbani has eradicated the wandering in my mind and my mind has learnt (and accepted) that a spiritual peace is the best kind of peace. By absorbing and following the bani, my mind glows the solid colour reflecting Waheguru’s love, I seen the colours of maya as washed out. With Waheguru’s blessing, I have stopped the poison from maya having an effect on me.

The shabad is quite long so I’ll stop there. Clearly unless we follow bani we will not have the tools to stop temptation and obtain spiritual peace.

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