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Canada Vich Punjabi | BSF shooted 17 yr old Sikh Boy as He was walking near Border | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  BSF shooted 17 yr old Sikh Boy as He was walking near Border  | Must Share

BSF shooted 17 yr old Sikh Boy as He was walking near Border.This is not a Common thing.People Should Raise Voice against it.This is Sign of Slavery.Regarding the brutalities perpetrated by the police at various places, many of our brothers, freshly arrived from the villages, ask:
“Sant Ji, we don’t know about enslavement.” In this connection, I have to make some points as to how we are slaves?

The Press Is Hostile
I had a discussion with Ram Jethamalani, a very well-known lawyer at the Supreme Court (of India) and Subramaniam who is a prominent representative of a (political) party. They also asked me similar questions, as to how we are slaves? How are the Sikhs a separate Nation? I consider it important to humbly present some of these questions and answers to you. The reason I have to do this is that such items are not reported in their entirety in the newspapers. Even if they are, it is only one or two newspapers that provide coverage, others stay quiet.

Different Punishment For The Same Offense. Peaceful Protest Is A Crime
Khalsa Ji: a lady born to a house of Pundits, having got the votes of the people, became Prime Minister of India. This is Bibi (lady) Indira Gandhi. In 1977, according to her deeds, a judge of the Supreme Court sentenced her to a few days in prison. To serve this sentence she went to Tihar Jail. Nobody slapped her, she had no wounds. No one used any disrespectful word. A judge had sentenced her. But her colleagues, Pande and others, hijacked a plane to protest their Bibi having been sent to prison. What was the punishment given (to them) for this hijacking? They were given tickets for becoming members of the Legislative Assembly, one in U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) and the other in Bihar. On the other hand, on September 14, (1981) in Chando-Kalan, two busses belonging to the Jatha (Sant Bhindranwale’s group) with copies of Sahib Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in them, were doused with kerosene and set on fire by government officials including Bhatti (a police official) and some others like him. After that, on September 20, (1981), in Chowk Mehta, I offered myself for arrest after offering prayers to the Guru in the presence of the Congregation. The entire Panth, (including various) associations and organizations, had assembled there. In spite of my surrendering peacefully, Khalsa Ji, one and one-half dozen Singhs, our turbaned Sikhs, were put to death (by the police). When the young men of the (Sikh) Nation did not find any redress or justice coming from any quarter, in order to do what they could to direct the attention of the entire public and the government to this atrocity, to point out what the government had been doing to the Sikhs, they hijacked a plane. These five Sikhs, Gajinder Singh and others, who are in Pakistan, have been exiled. In addition it was said: “These persons are our accused, our criminals, they should be handed over to us, we have to sentence them to death.” If a plane is hijacked for the sake of a lady of the Pundits, there is the chair (public office), but if a plane is hijacked for the Beloved (Guru) of the Sikhs there is exile! Hijacking a plane for a lady of the Pundits is patriotism, but, if a Sikh hijacked a plane to protest (the treatment of) his Beloved (Siri Guru Granth Sahib), Manjeet Singh was shot to death at Raja Sansi airport on August 20, (1982). This is an evident sign of slavery. Padey and associates did not damage the plane nor did they hurt any passengers. Nor did these Sikhs, in all three hijackings, harrass any passenger or damage any planes. But, what is the rule? For a fellow with a turban, there is the bullet, there is the crippling injection, there is exile. However, if one says “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Hare Rama,” there is the chair (appointment to high office), This is a sign of slavery, Khalsa Ji.

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