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Canada Vich Punjabi | Truth About Gau Rakshak–Hindu Brother Exposed Gau Rakshaks | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  Truth About Gau Rakshak–Hindu Brother Exposed Gau Rakshaks  | Must Share

In supporting the creation of new cattle protection groups, the organization has already set up more than 32 cattle protection groups in different Indian states.

More importantly, he is chairman of an organization called the Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal (BGRD), a group that, according to him, has 6,000 full-time members, mostly men and mostly Brahmins. One among the many such small and large bands of “cow protectors”, this group operates across India, especially in Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Members of the BGRD have been allegedly involved in numerous incidents of lynching cattle traders, mostly from minority Muslim and Dalits. Their common method of operation is raiding trucks carrying cattle, physically abusing the driver and his associates, sometimes almost killing them and force-feeding cow dung and urine. This raid is usually recorded and posted online, in most cases without any intervention by law-enforcing authorities. The most notorious of all such incidents so far is the killing of Mohammad Akhlaq, a 52 year-old Muslim man from the village Bisara by local organization activists near near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. This incident was over a rumor that he and his family members have consumed beef.The most recent of such atrocities occurred on July 11, 2016 in Una, Gujarat, where a group of cattle protectors stripped and publicly flogged four Dalit youths for skinning a dead cow, which the group claimed was killed by them; however, an eye-witness later confirmed that the cow was in fact killed by a lion. The incident caused a nationwide protests by Dalits and left groups.

On July 31, 2016, NDTV has aired a report which shows a group of organization members forcibly stopping a truck on the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra, yanking the driver out, snatching his phone, and pushing his truck to a police station. The report further elaborates on how the so called “cattle protectors” and other activists can be bribed to guarantee safe passage for cattle transporters.

The BGRD founder, Pawan Pandit strongly condemned any violence against humanity, stating that the organization is against the violence and is working on social ground with the police, yet there’s a strong media backlash stating that vigilantes don’t have a right to police anyone.

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