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The chances of your success increases significantly when you refuse to accept the defeat and make determined efforts in accomplishing your goal. 

It further means that ‘person who works hard and puts in a great deal of effort and endurance achieve great things in life’. In simple words, this proverb means that ‘people must work hard in order to achieve their goals’.

Origin: It is hard to trace the origin of this proverb because it is so ubiquitous, so no origin is attested. The importance of hard work goes as far back as the beginning of humanity. Rather, it may be said to be a general principle of life. People use this proverb without reference to a particular origin.

Expansion of the idea: This proverb is related to other proverbs that advocate working towards your goals, such as ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. A hard-working person will surely achieve great success. It is said that, “hard-work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard’.

A lot of effort and endurance is needed to realize the desired outcome. When individuals pursue their objectives and aim for success while working hard in the process, they are more than likely to see their dreams come true.

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