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Canada Vich Punjabi | Private Facts about Nehru-Indira Gandhi that No One’s Know !! | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  Private Facts about Nehru-Indira Gandhi that No One’s Know !!  | Must Share

Biggest Expose about the Private Life of EX. Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.Bothe hace Realtions with Others.No one know about Private Lives of Nehru and Indira.A lot has been written about in recent years about the women in Nehru’s life. Nehru was a man, who, like all men at the top, was very lonely. He was often alone. He longed for exchange of ideas with women. I am not sure that justice has been done to JN by all the insinuations and statements that have been made about him and his friendship with Lady Mountbatten and Padmaja Naidu after the death of all the three persons. Having been so close to him, I should know.

Nehru and Lady Mountbatten were good friends. What was the relationship between them? Obviously one of an intimate friendship. One (JN) had been moulded and influenced by England. The other (Lady M) had been influenced by India. Both were friends because they found something novel in a person affected by the thing he or she loved. He was aristocratic and so was she. And both were in love with people, feeling for them, wanting to help them, dedicating their lives to the service of others.

For if Indira Gandhi were not safely dead, it is pretty certain that Katherine Frank would have been clapped in irons within Tihar Jail, locked up by the woman whose prolific love life she seems, rather eponymously, the first to have been entirely frank about.

It is in the nature of biographies of the safely dead to expose or demolish privacies long rumoured or whispered about during the subject’s lifetime. But if the subject happens to be a holy cow or has achieved the status of a deity, there is usually a conservative furore in our part of the world when it is proven she had something as depraved as a normal sex life. Rushdie’s foray into the Prophet’s sanctum may have been provocatively calculated to stir an Islamic hornet’s nest, but even ordinary depositions about the erotic relationships of sacred heroes make people deeply uncomfortable.

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