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The Rajya Sabha or the Upper House has 12 nominated members. These members are nominated by the President as per the advice of the government of the day. Article 80(3) of the Constitution of India authorizes the President of India to nominate a maximum of 12 members to the Rajya Sabha and the members nominated shall have special knowledge or practical experience in the fields of Literature, Science, Art & Social Service.

Currently, there are 12 nominated members. Four of them were nominated in 2012, one in 2014 and the rest seven in 2016. Four of the nominated members joined the BJP and are counted as BJP’s members in the house. A nominated member can join a political party within the first six months of being nominated to the house as per the rules. Among those nominated in 2012 were Cricketing great Sachin Tendulkar and yesteryear actress Rekha.

Name Date of Nomination Field Party
Anu Aga 4/27/12 Industrialist Nominated
Rekha 4/27/12 Actress Nominated
Sachin Tendulkar 4/27/12 Cricketer Nominated
K Parasaran 6/29/12 Lawyer Nominated
K T S Tulsi (Sal since March 2014) 2/25/14 Lawyer Nominated
Sambhaji Chhatrapati 6/13/16 Social Worker BJP
Swapan Das Gupta 4/25/16 Journalist Nominated
Roopa Ganguly 10/4/16 Actress BJP
Narendra Jadhav 4/25/16 Economist Nominated
M C Mary Kom 4/25/16 Sports Person Nominated
Suresh Gopi 4/25/16 Actor BJP
Subramanian Swamy 4/25/16 Politician BJP

So how are these nominated members performing in the house in terms of attendance, participation in debates, questions asked and MPLADS spending? How much expenditure is being incurred on them in the form of salary & allowances.

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