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MK Gandhi called Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj “a misguided patriot”. In his speach in Calcutta, Gandhi said, “Guru Gobind Singh was a mislead prophet of India.

Principal Ganga Singh responded to Gandhi’s statement: “O Gandhi, if you would have known about Guru Gobind Singh Ji and thought about it, then you would not have said these ill words.” This triggered him to know more about Guru Sahib and he apologised afterwards.

Then, He made false promise on freedom eve that Sikhs have joined congress to be with India . We will give them autonomy in India and if we don’t. They can use Kirpan as the last resort as Guru Guided them to.

  • He was asked by British that if gandhi intervenes then Sardar-e-azam Shaheed Bhagat Singh Jee’s life would be spared. To that Gandhi said that “jo kiya hay bhugtana chaheey”(“if a crime ahs been done one should pay for it”.)
  • He said that:
    • (a) Sikhs should join Hindus and shouldnot ask for a free homeland.
    • (b)Sikhs will have autonomy within India and
    • (c) if India mistreats Sikhs then Their GURU has tought them to pick up a sword and they will be justified to do so.
  • Autonomy? Congress was and is gandhi lover. They did not give anything to Sikhs. They actually took haryana and himachal out of punjab!
  • Sword? HA! 250000 killed and over 50000 still in jails!

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