Canada Vich Punjabi | Proud great Spain met Sikh community on Earth, S.Gagandeep Singh win a National Award | Must Share

Katalonia – on the land of Spain is now a great honor to the Sikh religion . Spain’s city katalonia ‘in language, social and religious activities’ contribution for specific personalities’ organizations forum in 3 national awards are given each year and this time the National Award Sikh youth Gagandeep Singh Khalsa is found. Was a matter of pride that Gagandeep Singh has achieved surpassed the award of 370 candidates. They are on the first place among all those who submit nominations for this award. These awards are given to personalities promoting ‘katalana local language katalonia and even other social contributions in religious activity.

Here to tell let Gagandeep Singh Khalsa effort to provide information on the Sikh religion at play hanagaganadipa schools, colleges, universities and police stations a key role to advise the Spanish people about a few years separate identity of Sikhs in Spain . In the same series and the text is inserted into the laps of the people in the Five Rivers’ book Punjabi and katalana language. Gagandeep Singh also said katalana unlock the key to open every door. Thanks to his efforts in the Spanish community is found with respect to the community, and it has played a vital role in the spread of the English language.

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