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A Video goes Viral on Social Media in which Punjabi Singer Geeta Zildar singing in a Live Show while a Woman comes and say him to Stop his Vulgar Songs on Stage.Geeta Zaildar is a very popular punjabi singer, lyricist and actor. He was born on 11-Oct-1978.Basically hye belongs to Phagwara,Punjab,india. He is a very good singer
and also a good song writer and actor. He has also written many punjabi songs and also worked in punjabi movies.Geeta Zaildar started his career with his album “Dil Di
Rani”. He has started his acting career from Punjabi film “Pinky Moge Wali” with a supporting role.

Evil actions are created from within the mind. The mind is continuously influenced by what it is being fed through society. Almost always played in the so-called parties, vulgar Punjabi songs with lyrics that promote alcohol, drugs, immorality and vices are never going to permit the configuration of inner peace.What can be said about those lyricists who write vulgar songs for the singers? When such people say they “serve” the community, such service is only real if they are providing the community with virtuous thinking. Lyrics that promote alcohol, drugs, immorality and vices are not a service to the community. These lyricists write filth and the singers sing that filth. The Punjabi community listens to and dances to the filth.

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