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Even today in the world, Sikhs are people who are honest and regard their duty as honesty for every work. Something like this is a teacher, a ‘black and white cab driver’ in Australia for the last 9 years. He was honored with the ‘Best Business Class Driver’ in 2014.

The name of this Sikh is Atambir Singh. Atambir Singh is from the city of Brisbane, Australia. Atambir Singh has set an example of honesty. On June 8, 2017, a white couple was mistakenly abandoned on the taxi terrace on their taxi.

Atambir Singh found the location of the owner of the bag and returned to his house and returned the bag. This bag contains 6,000 dollars, some important papers and I Pad c. The owner’s name was written on the bank papers in the bag. Atambir Singh had the only approach to access the bag owner, he was Facebook.

Through Facebook, after finding the original owner of the bag and returning to his house, he returned the bag. When Daniel wanted to reward his soul for reward for his iman, he refused to take anything and said that it was his duty.

The couple was given an Envelope gift as the daughter of Atambir Singh. When they opened the envelope at home, they had $ 3,000. This Sikh driver is being praised everywhere.

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