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Canada Vich Punjabi | House of Sikligar Sikhs Moved Down by Bulldozers | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  House of Sikligar Sikhs Moved Down by Bulldozers  | Must Share

The word SIKLIGAR is derived from the Arabic word saiqal/sakli which implies polishing or furbishing, thus depicting the meaning “polisher of swords”. They are a community from the northern states of India who lucubrate in the art of weapon-making. Their craftsmanship in the sphere of making weapons like swords, spears and shields made the community an insistent and peremptory request in the post-classical era of ancient India, and was predominantly used by the Medieval Knight.

The community is splattered in regions of Haryana consisting of partly Hindu and partly Sikh natives, in Gujarat as Hindus and Sikhs in Punjab with Gujarati as their common mode of communication. The community is said to be parted into a number of clans of equal status, the main ones of which are Junni, Dangi, Bhond, Bhori, Khichi, Tilvithya and so on.

The community claims to have originated from Rajput with Kannauj being their ancestral home. Considered to be hailing from a lower caste, the community first came to the confluence of Sikh territories during the time of Guru Gobind Singh, who laid the cornerstone for the “practice of ordnance” and supported the fact of being recognised as an independent nation. They took over “MIRI AND PIRI” as the symbol of their community which betokens the two swords of secular and worldly power.

Consequently, the community was propelled to master in their martial arts to sustain their livelihood. THE PRESENT SCENARIO However, the present scenario of the community remains hidden in the hilly regions and the bushy jungles of the Satpura range. When the Sikhs sing high about their community in the international conferences; this community of Sikhs still remain backward and lead a nomadic lifestyle in the interiors of unnamed jungles as they are being looked at with contempt and suspicion by the other communities of the region. What makes the natives look at the Sikligars with defiance and why is it not plausible for the community to head out and socialise?

The intelligence committee in the states of the community’s settlement claim that the Sikligar fraternity was involved in the manufacturing of country-made pistols and rifles recovered from the STUDENT’S ISLAMIC MOVEMENT OF INDIA extremists who were arrested in the year 2011. The Sikligars are interrogated even today for the unmindful manufacture of weapons and arms, which is certain from the community’s economic status that it is just their means of livelihood.

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