Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 July 2017 full episode written update: Ishita finds the guard dead

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Published:July 28, 2017 9:28 pm

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein last episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein july 28 full episode written update Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28 July 2017 full episode written update: Ishita reaches the park and finds out that the watchman has been killed.

Shagun gets up calling out for Mani and Raman and Ishita ask her what’s happening. Shagun gets up and asks Ishita what is she doing there. Pihu comes there and Shagun hugs her and asks how was her day. Raman signals Ishita to go but Shagun asks Ishita how did she come here. Ishita says she fainted. Shagun asks how, and if she did something. Ishita says it was because of low BP, and she adds that she was shouting Mani’s name. Raman asks who is this Mani. Shagun asks who is Mani, and tells them to stop putting words in her mouth. She also tells that she understands what they are upto. Pihu says don’t talk to Ishita like this. Shagun angrily raises hand to slap Pihu but Raman stops her and says don’t dare to slap my daughter. Shagun says our daughter…, she knows his drama and asks them to not think of her as fool.

Raman says no use today, he thought she will give a sign. Ishita asks him to see thr positive side, she shouted Mani, she has seen Mani’s killer, we should talk to doctor, maybe she can tell. Raman asks how does she get smart sometimes.

Ruhi comes to meet Nikhil and sees him playing guitar. Nikhil smiles. She sees his pics, and plays a tune on guitar. Nikhil smiles and says she plays so good, great. Ruhi says she is so sorry, as she could not control herself seeing guitar, she is also a singer, she used to sing in Australia. He says her name is Ruhaan and that she sings so well, he was Ruhaan’s big fan, he asks why did she leave singing. She says its a long story, she has bad memories with music. She recalls Niddhi.

Shagun tells Ashok to take his belongings and get out of the house. He thinks that his time will come one day, when he’ll fulfil his whims.

Ishita gets a call from the watchman who fled his room when she was ready to give him the money. He frantically calls her to Sunderban Park (Mani’s apartments) with the money, if she wants information. She calls Raman to leave with him but is unable to connect.

Aadi is pressured by Mr. Taneja to focus on sales and keep his personal life aside. He says that his family is most important and he will focus on that. In the meanwhile, Ishita calls him and tells that she’s going to meet the watchman. He gets anxious and asks if the watchman knows anything and even offers to come. Ishita tells Aadi to leave it to her to extract information. She will go as he might not be able to handle the situation. He still says that he will stand at a further distance but will come.

Ishita reaches the park and finds out that the watchman has been killed. The police come and seal the area while she wonders how all this happened.


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