Canada Vich Punjabi | Sikhs vs Sirsa Dera Followers-Watch Live Video | Must Share

There has been much tensions between followers of Dera Sirsa and Sikhs spanning back to 2007, when their leader Ram Rahim impersonated Guru Gobind Singh Ji and administered his version of Amrit. Since then Ram Rahim has stayed out of Punjab, but still has quite a large following in the Malwa area. Programs of Ram Rahim have also gone into hibernation, and followers would carry out their programs in a silent manner. But lately tensions have arisen again as Dera Sirsa followers have begun their progams again in Punjab. Seeing this a group of Sikhs visited the location where their program was taking place to confront the Dera followers, who left their tents and arrangements and ran away.

A clash broke out between Sikh outfits and ‘Premis’ – the followers of Sirsa-based Dera Sacha Sauda – over holding of ‘Naam Charcha’.

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Post Author: Gurjinder Cheema

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