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Canada Vich Punjabi | Guggu Don Truth-SGPC should Listen This Video | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  Guggu Don Truth-SGPC should Listen This Video  | Must Share

Resident of Dharmpura Colony, Batala, District Gurdaspur.Natvej Singh had been after Ajit Phoola for 3 years, each time Navtej Singh heard Phoola’s name, his blood began to boil. Whenever Navtej Singh would hear of Ajit Phoola visiting any town or city, Natvej Singh would begin planning an attack. After cases being registered against Navtej Singh by Batala police, he was sent to Ghumtala jail.

But  on the other hand SGPC is not Doing Sikhi Parchar. A total of Rs 254 crore will be spent on Harimandar Sahib (Golden Temple) and some other historical gurudwaras attached to it. A new inn with 1000 rooms has been proposed in Akali market near Golden Temple and Rs 10 crore sanctioned for this purpose in 2017-18. A newly constructed inn opposite to Saragarhi parking near Golden Temple is almost ready to use and Rs 50 lakh will be spent on its finishing. Rs 4 crore will be spent on the under-construction new building of community kitchen inside the Golden Temple premises while Rs 30 crore has been reserved for running the community kitchen and Rs 75 lakh for power back-up.

Rs 1.50 crore has been set aside for the proposal to construct residential accommodations for the SGPC staff.

SGPC runs 38 colleges and 53 schools. For 2017-18, the total budget for education will be Rs 227 crore, against Rs 218 crore during last fiscal year. Rs 6 crore will be spent on proposed Miri Piri Medical College at Shahbad Markanda in Haryana.

The SGPC has given a total Rs 73 crore to Dharam Parchar Committee to spend on religious preaching. As part of it, Rs 7 crore has been set aside for reward for those Sikh students with unshorn hairs who crack competitive exams or achieve big in field of research.

The SGPC has been also spending to equip itself with new technology to spread the message of Sikhism. It will invest Rs 30 lakh on buying projectors to show religious movies and Rs 90 lakh to buy video vans. It has also planned to invest Rs 35 lakh to launch a mobile application for devotees to listen and watch live Kirtan from Golden Temple, booking rooms in inns and avail other services.

SGPC has kept aside Rs 61 lakh to help the families of Sikh prisoners in jails. The apex religious body of Sikhs has also decided to honour two Sikh scholars and two Sikhs with achievement in various fields. Apart from that, Sikhs with contribution in religious and community fields will be also honoured. A total of Rs 45 crore has been earmarked for the purpose.

The SGPC has also been raising hockey teams of Sikh players with unshorn hairs, for which it will spend Rs 1.20 crore.

Rs 9 crore will be spent on the treatment of cancer patients in the coming year. SGPC has already spent Rs 26 crore in previous years for this cause and has been approaching the central government for exemption under section 80 C for the donors who contribute to the cancer fund.

SGPC members and staff may have to cut on their tours as president Bhandugar has asked to bring down the spending on cars from Rs 80 lakh to 50 lakh. Rs 63 lakh has been reserved for disaster management.

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