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Canada Vich Punjabi | This is Reason Why Punjabi Singers did not Share ‘The Black Prince’ !! | Must Share

Canada Vich Punjabi |  This is Reason Why Punjabi Singers did not Share ‘The Black Prince’ !!  | Must Share

Seldom do actors get so immersed in their roles that the after effects continue to reflect even after the spotlights are switched off. It is true for singer, composer and actor Satinder Sartaaj who plays Maharaja Duleep Singh in The Black Prince, released this week. “Yes, my family and friends tease me that I am yet to get over the aura and halo of royalty,” he quips as we settle for a conversation in a Delhi hotel. He admits that besides his accent, his persona too has altered. “Having lived the character for five years, I have definitely become calmer and subtle.” His English too sounds very British. “I was coached in Queen’s language used in 1850s. Being my third language, I practised it and used it in my conversations with my cast and crew to make it sound natural.”

The biopic traces Duleep Singh’s life, Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s son and the last ruler of Punjab from childhood to moving to England and fighting the British to restore his kingdom. Sartaaj, recommended by a panel of 11 historians, who researched the subject, fell in love with the role and story immediately. “I was overwhelmed and considered it as once in a life time opportunity. From thereon I worked hard, devoting myself completely because I felt a sense of responsibility towards history of Sikhs and Punjab.”

Sartaaj agrees that not much is written about Duleep Singh in history books. “Whatever little is available is distorted, misrepresented and misinterpreted. This film will set to rest many myths and untruths and show him in a new light. For example, he is supposed to have asked for pardon from the British but a closer look of his signature reveals that it was misspelt. Likewise, it is stated that he died a Christian while the truth is that he had embraced Sikhism, started learning to read Guru Granth Sahib and desired to be cremated, which was not allowed. This is based on research with which I was involved from beginning.”

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