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Game Of Thrones Season 7: Who will be Cersei Lannister’s potential love interest?

Game Of Thrones Season 7: Who will be Cersei Lannister’s potential love interest?

Written by Samarpita Das
| New Delhi |
Updated: July 19, 2017 8:54 am

game of thrones, game of thrones season 7, lena headey, game od thrones poster Cersei and Jamie Lannister in Game Of Thrones Season 7. (Photo by HBO)

Over the course of six seasons, we have grown accustomed to the bond between the Lannister twins. When they were seen making love with each other in the first episode, much like Bran Stark, we were disturbed. Times changed, and for a long time Jaime and Cersei were hardly in each other’s company.

Seasons passed, we watched Jaime become more human and sensitive, but Cersei remained staunchly evil and selfish. Her children were the only people who kept her in touch with her human side. After the death of three of her children, Cersei is just few steps away from turning in to the next mad ruler. Secretly Jaime too seems to be furious with Cersei for taking her kids away from him. Meanwhile, with Jaime questioning his undying devotion to his sister in the face of his duty as a knight, after the loss of all their children, Cersei may have to look elsewhere for another unsuspecting man she can manipulate for her own end.

Will Jaime forsake Cersei, forcing her to take up a new suitor? Let’s take a look at eligible suitors for our Queen Mother, Cersei Lannister.

Euron Greyjoy

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Let’s pick up the obvious probability, a fan theory that’s been floating around the darkest corners of Reddit, since his appearance in the middle of Season 6. He possesses the Dragonbinder, which he claims to have found in the smoking Valyrian ruins. A sorcerous horn used to control dragons, believed to be Cersei’s biggest weapon against Daenerys’ fire breathing heathens. His nephew and niece abandon him to forge an alliance with Daenerys, leaving him with no choice but to side with Cersei to retain his hold on the Iron Islands. When wildfire, the Iron Fleet and the Dragonsbinder combine, Daenerys’s ships and dragons are rendered practically useless. It is also said to be able to control dragons and just imagining Cersei with dragons at her disposal invokes an involuntary shudder. If they joined forces, it would be impossible to stop them with that kind of power.

Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger

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Baelish has a burning, unquenchable ambition which is matched only by Cersei’s love for power. Baelish set the entire series in motion by convincing Lysa Arryn to murder her husband, the ‘Hand of the King’ causing Ned Stark to travel to Kings’ Landing. He even had a sinister role to play in the plot to murder King Joffrey. He’s had his hands dirty for the longest time, plotting and scheming in the final bid for the Iron Throne. Sansa seems to be playing a double-game, unlikely to succumb to Petyr’s advances and attempt to incite her. His next move could be to head down south to offer Cersei his services, forming an unlikely alliance that could surprise viewers in the sort of unexpected twist that only the legendary saga can deliver.

Daario Naharis

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He is left behind at Dragon’s Bay to maintain peace among the people with a provisional government in place, at Tyrion’s behest. The Queen’s hand fears that bringing a lover to Westeros would be detrimental to her cause. Daario protests, but Daenerys is adamant about her decision. While he doesn’t seem content with the decision, he has no choice to obey his Queen’s orders. Or does he? While causing emotional distress to Daenerys may seem petty in the face of the Dothraki, Unsullied and the mighty dragons; Daario also brings an insight, temperament and game plan to Daenerys’ army. If the previous seasons hold any testimony, nothing is too far-fetched in the Game of Thrones.

Do you have anyone else in mind?


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