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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2017 full episode written update: Ishita apologises to Raman’s investors

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2017 full episode written update: Ishita apologises to Raman’s investors


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2017 full episode written update: Shagun goes to Aaliya’s room and keeps on blabbering that Raman;s wife Ishita is wrong and no one ever feels that.

Shagun comes and shouts at Ishita for ruining the reputation and putting Aadi’s project at stake. Raman shuts her up and says that if she is Aaliya’s mom that doesn’t mean she can interfere within the matters and Aaliya requests her to come along with her. Meanwhile, Raman gets a call that investors are hesitating to invest in his project. Shagun goes to Aaliya’s room and keeps on blabbering that Ishita is wrong and no one ever feels that but this time she’ll make her realise.  There, Santoshi comes and tells Ishita and Madhu that it’s her fault as she mixed alcohol in their soft drinks. They all feel very bad. Ishita says it’s still her fault but Santoshi apologises again when Shagun comes there and starts counting Ishita’s mistakes. She says Ishita always makes mistakes and they all ignore that. Aaliya tries to stop her but she asks her to stay out of it. She says Ishita created scene at Aaliya and Aadi’s wedding then she forgot to invite them at Mr Bhalla’s birthday meanwhile Roshni comes there and asks Shagun to shut up. She says it was good that she wasn’t invited to the party because of which the party went smoothly. Shagun asks her to shut up and asks how she could talk to her this way and is about to slap her when Ishita stops her and says Roshni is a family member and she can’t let an outsider behave like this with her. She requests her to leave. Aaliya goes after Shagun to stop her but she says she never backs her and says Roshni also misbehaved with her but she didn’t say a word and leaves.

There Raman tells Kiran that he shouldn’t have postponed the launch. Then all this wouldn’t have happened. He says he did it for Aadi and suffered a loss, but he is happy to face loss for his son. Now investors are not ready to invest. He asks Kiran to back out if she wishes to. Aadi overhears all this and feels guilty. There Roshni goes to the corridor and apologises to Aaliya for misbehaving with her mom but says she cannot see someone misbehaving with Ishita. Aaliya asks her to stay out of her family.

Ishita calls Raman and asks if she can be of any help but Raman asks her to not call him again and again and let him concentrate. Raman goes to the meeting where all the investors say that they were about to step back but then they saw something which made them change their decision. They show him a video in which Ishita along with Santoshi and Madhu ask for their apology and emotionally influence them. Raman feels very happy when the investors ask him to organise the press conference for the next day. Raman calls Ishita and thanks Ishita and Aadi for arranging that. He says he is feeling guilty that Raman postponed his launch for him and he misbehaved with him. He asks Ishita why she didn’t tell him. Ishita says this is the way fathers are, they can’t express their love like mothers do. Aadi goes to Santoshi and apologises to her and she forgives him. Santoshi then asks for Ishita’s forgiveness again and she makes her promise that she won’t do something of this sort again and when Aaliya asks if she won’t drink ever she says it’s wasn’t such a big lesson and they decide on letting her drink twice a month.


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