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Swine Flu death toll rises to 11 in Mumbai. Here are prevention and control measures you can take

Swine Flu death toll rises to 11 in Mumbai. Here are prevention and control measures you can take

The deadly Swine flu is spreading its wings.According to reports by DNA, while Mumbai has not reported any dengue deaths, the number of people who have succumbed to swine flu has risen to 11. The number includes four patients who came to the city for treatment. It further adds that the total number of swine flu cases in Mumbai has increased to 177 with western suburbs and South Mumbai reporting the maximum number of cases. In the first 15 days of June, 128 patients have reported symptoms of dengue. Meanwhile, Mumbai has also reported 166 cases od malaria in June and 437 cases of gastroenteritis. The civic health officials have asked people not to ignore any symptoms of a cough and cold and ensure that there are no mosquito breeding spots or stagnant water in and around their area.
We believe that precaution is always better than cure. Do your bit to stop the these diseases from spreading. The Swine Flu(H1N1) Helpline Number is: 011-23921401
Here are some prevention and control measures that you can take[1]:

  • A distance of minimum 6 feet from people having ILI must be kept; especially while sneezing or coughing.
  • Nose and mouth must be covered with a single use tissue while coughing or sneezing, and the tissue must be disposed of in the trash after use or facemask/N95 respirator can be worn if possible and available. Personnel involved in aerosol generating activities(e.g.: Collection of clinical specimens, bronchoscopy, endotracheal intubation, nebuliser treatment) or cardiac, pulmonary resuscitation or resuscitation involving emergency intubation should also wear a disposable N95 respirator.
  • Facemasks and respirators (Read: Swine flu symptoms and signs you MUST be aware of! )

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[1] Mukherjee S, Sen S, Nakate PC, Moitra S. Management of swine flu (H1N1 Flu) outbreak and its treatment guidelines. Community Acquir Infect 2015;2:71-8

Published: June 16, 2017 11:36 am | Updated:June 16, 2017 12:03 pm

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