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George Clooney Glasses: Your Key to Instant Charisma

George Clooney Glasses: Your Key to Instant Charisma

George Clooney glasses are your best tool to achieve instant charm and charisma. Those glasses worn by the Hollywood’s most wanted and desirable bachelor in and out of public are the perfect embodiment of class, wisdom and sophistication, all that is celebrated in a man. Having been long considered among the finest actor of his generation, Mr. Clooney’s influence didn’t stop at the movie. His engagement in charity and international affairs have made him one of the most powerful figure anywhere on the planet.
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Beginning his career in minor roles in TV series and films, Clooney rose to prominence in the long running hit medical drama ER. After Leaving ER, Clooney began appearing in major films and collaborating with influential directors. His most famous collaborations with Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh gave us fine movies like the Ocean’s trilogy and critically well received ones like Out of Sight and Solaris. He also appeared in two of Coen Brothers’ movies O Brother, Where Art Thou and Burn After Reading, both fine examples of his solid acting capacity. Having worked with all those directorial talent allowed Mr. Clooney an access into the craft of directing. As of now, the actor-turned-director has made three movies with both him directing and acting. 2005’s Good Night and Good Luck 2008’s Leatherhead and his most recent The Ides of March all proved the man’s perfect career turn to directing. As a talent so versatile and flawless, Mr. Clooney also extend his commitment and focus beyond acting and entertainment to a far more grander and broader scope. His efforts in charitable works and concern and care over issues like the Darfur conflict has made him an political activist and figure. The world will see undoubtedly this man more and more as he continues to make more and more fine movies and television speeches in the future.

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Mr. Clooney has long been cited as the example of male charisma. Being among the only three people that’s ever been name People Magazine’s sexiest man alive twice, Mr. Clooney has a classic sense of masculinity that immediately catches people’s eyes as he walks into a room. The equally important and mesmerizing George Clooney sunglasses and George Clooney spectacles have contributed hugely to that sense and take the whole charm thing to a higher level. To look like just like George Clooney, the biggest movie star on the face of the planet, visit At Firmoo, shades and eyeglasses of the exact same style as those George Clooney eyewear will be at the clicks of your mouse at affordable prices.

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