How To Handle A Handgun Cautiously

You might have watched in the Hollywood movies, how actors take out their pistols and handguns with a single hand, aim at their target in a blink and shoot it with utmost precision in their shot. Looks very easy no? Well, it is not that transparent. The movies could create a world, which is entirely different from the real one, you might have known this very well and so is the case with the handguns. You have to be utterly explicit while taking an aim with these small looking firearms as these could do major harms to the people and you. Firearms schools teach the usage of such weapons with sheer perfection.

Here are some tips that are needed while handling the handguns :

  1. There is a difference between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Revolvers have revolving cylinders and the bullets are loaded into the cylinder. A semi-automatic pistol facilitates each cartridge into the chamber from the magazine. Therefore, utter care should be taken while making a choice for any of the two.
  2. Choose the handguns according to your needs and capacity. You could refer to an expert in the field or the dealer of the ammunition to know about them.
  3. Cover your eyes and ears properly before practicing for the shot. There is a variety of headphones available for covering the ears and goggles for the eyes. These keep you safe from the noise, gun powder, flying shells and hot gases that arise out of a handgun.
  4. Be very careful in aiming the handgun and choose the target very carefully. Shooting at other than the intended targets could render you in great troubles.
  • Holding the gun safely:
  1. Keep a watch if the gun is loaded or not. Lightly taking a loaded gun could be dangerous.
  2. Pick the gun with care and always place your fingers away from the trigger unless you have carefully made an aim at the target.
  3. Your standing position should be correct and stiff so that the aim does not get deviated due to it.
  • Aiming with the gun:
  1. Make sure that the forward and the rear part are aligned with the target so that the shot is not missed.
  2. A common confusion arising is, what to bear in sight, the gun or the target. The solution to this is, after holding the gun properly, always view the target.
  • While firing with the gun:
  1. Manage your breaths and keep the body calm. Your heartbeat may increase when you are new to the sport but you can’t miss your target because of this.
  2. After you have made the shot, the follow-through to it is very important. Do not release the trigger suddenly. Take a deep breath and then take your fingers away.
  3. Practice firing in many rounds. You could take your stipulated time to fire a few good shots rather than firing many bad shots.
  4. Unload the weapon when the practice is done and keep it with safety.

With these methods you could learn the handguns in a firearm school or any designated place and turn your dreams of shooting like a Hollywood actor to reality.

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Post Author: Gurjinder Cheema

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