Watch Free African Movies brings you the latest African Movies and you can watch all movies free online. Not only can you watch african movies, you can also join the ever growing community of african movie lovers from the members link. African movies are getting more popular and are now being watched all over the world. The availability of the movies to be watched online instead of buying old fashioned VHS or sometimes DVDs make it easier for the movies to be accessed. Most African movies teach a lot of moral values and are mostly comedic. The bulk of the movies will be from Nigerian film industry, popularly known as Nollywood which is the world’s biggest producer of English films. Popular Nollywood actors and actresses such as Rita Dominic, Desmond Elliot and Patience Ozwokor.

Nollywood is the name attributed to Nigeria’s movie industry. By definition it is Nigeria’s movie industry by Nigerian production teams for the Nigerian people. Nollywood has over the years become a world phenomenon, as its movies are being sold in Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa as well as Jamaica, USA and the UK to name a few. Now the name itself had caused a bit of a protest in the earlier days, as a lot of Nigerians felt it was imported and derived from Hollywood and Bollywood. (Not really a bad feat as these are the two heavy weights in the movie industry internationally) There was also that little issue of the name being coined by a foreigner, some didn’t like it, but the good thing is that Nollywood as a name has moved far beyond these earlier hiccups, no-one actually thinks twice about the origin of the name today. It has become accepted that Nollywood applies to the Nigerian Movie Industry. The Ghanaian movie industry called Ghallywood is also making a lot of progress to catch up with Nollywood in movie production and sales. There have been some movies produced by a mixture of Nollywood and Ghallywood actors such as Parish House bring out the best of both movie industries.

To watch the African Movies at, you will want to have a decent bandwidth connection of at least five hundred and twelve kbs to watch most streaming videos. A higher bandwidth can offer much better picture quality and faster download speed. Many sites will require you to download some type of compatible player, in order to view the video. This could include flash or other media viewer. A larger monitor can also offer a better viewing experience. You will only be required to download flash if you do not have this already to access the movies on the site.

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