The outline of the bollywood movie love Aaj Kal

The recession and global slow down has definitely has told upon the status of the bollywood. The strike of multiplexes owners has also given a huge loss to the bollywood. The burning example is Aa Dekhen Zara. The Indian bollywood movie AA Dekhen Zara could not come out with flying colors due to the strike of the multiplex owners. All the same, the movie had got a huge response on the web. In spite of economical downturn Kambakkht Ishq, it became highly successful at the box office. The bollywood movie will always remain in the limelight of the people. That is why; it is believed that the current bollywood love Aaj Kal movie will be a great hit at the box office as it has got a huge response on the web.

This is a movie which has a storyline of love between current trend and the love decades back. Saif Ali is the producer and it is his first such attempt to be successful as a producer. Deepika Padukone has extended her helping hand to Saif Ali Khan. There are many movies in the bollywood world. No Indian movies have tried so far to differentiate between the love of Aaj and Kal. The people are bored with the movie that has only romance, homicide and rubbery etc. However, the Love Aaj Kal the Movie is somewhat different. It has tried to make the people understand the love between yesterday and today. The people have been more advanced in these days with regard to love and romance. The article on the love Aaj Kal film has given a focus on the romantic trend of two different periods.

In this movie Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone are in major role. They have committed their role as Jai and Meera a modern day married couple living in the most sophisticated city London. Both jai and Meera are happy in their relations but don’t believe in tying each other. The life pulls them in opposite direction and they decide to move with the flow. Jai says we have to be very practical. The love story of Janam Janam ka Sath is feasible only in story book. It is never possible practically. This is the story of love Aaj.

Now we will put a bit focus on love story of Kal. Veer Singh is amazed at seeing Harleen. He stands under a tree and thinks that I will make this girl my soul-mate not only this life but also every life I take birth on the earth. Harleen experiences that he travels by train thousand KM for a glimpse of her face, while never utters single word.

Here in this story it is poles apart between the love of Jai and Veer. Veer surprises how Jai can lead the life of a love without passion. Like the transaction of finance. The same happens with Jai and he also amazed at the love story of Veer. He thinks how he can be so silly and silent in the prime of his life. Eventually, the story unfolds. We feel that the love may be different in different era. However, the experience of being in love is same. The modern day love tells of disappointment and despairs. The past says the compulsion and innocence. Finally, the love Aaj Kal movie tells that the fondness and love increases due to distance.

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