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I am a Resident Evil Fan. The Director Paul W.S. Anderson is the one who directs this Part of Resident Evil : After Life. I am very much eager to watch this part which is in 3D technology. I watched the previous parts of this movie. It is an wonderful Horror movie to watch. I like Alice(Milla Jovovich) character very much in this movie.


In this part of movie an unexpected things are happening. Alice friends are helping her for this virus infection war. They destroying the infected evil. The action sequence in this movie is good. The Director of this movie have an greater impact on this horror come scientific fiction script. He is using the greater way of displaying this movie in the 3D technology which makes to watch.

The background features and other place used as the computer graphics background is a marvelous one. Some of the thrilling sequence in this movie is the most welcomed one. So I think this movie have an greater action, scientific fiction and as well as Horror too. I also the likes the character of Claire Redfield(Ali Larter). She is awesome. In this movie she plays an excellent role which will make great to the audience.

The another beautiful girl who is in this movie as a character, K-Mart(Spencer Locke). She is very beautiful and having the greater abilities to show her actions in this movie. I am expecting her to do the major part in this movie. Overall this movie, Resident Evil : After Life is going to shake the Hollywood.

Be sure to check out this amazing new 3D movie which will be hitting theaters this Friday the 10th of September! If you want to check it out free and watch online be sure to visit!


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