The ‘new Dark Ages’

The ‘New Dark Ages’ is a blatant attempt to implicate its followers down the deadly wrong path to un-enlightenment and everlasting perdition. I am quite sure that many adults are completely unaware of all this. Because what I write of is just so ‘unbelievable’ and/or so totally strange and foreign to most adults, many will think I am exaggerating things to make a more exciting and readable article. Unfortunately, I am not, but I truly wish I were. I call to mind, and would put ‘The New Dark Ages’ into the very same unbelievable and ridiculous category of the last fad our kids were drawn to, called ‘The Choking Game’. After all who would be so dopey as to choke another until they passed out, because of robbing their brain of critical oxygen, just so they would experience a brief, zero cost and drug free ‘high’ upon returning from being passed out-if they returned? However, police departments across the nation have reported far too many participants of this deadly ‘game’. Therefore, as a suggestion please remember that I encourage you to stop reading this article at any time and call the non-emergency line of your local police department to have them validate and confirm all I am revealing to you today. Until parents and other adults in authority understand this ‘new-dark ages’ many teens will be in grave danger and involved in activities that no one of any intellect would recommend.

Fortunately for most, at this time, this problem is more of a big city problem. However, family’s today move around a lot and children from the ‘big city’ are introducing many ‘cool-things’ to the local small town kids. Either way, it is best to understand the background and climate that led to this problem and to know what signs to be on the look out for.

The climate that this problem has grown out of is the new double standard with regards to Christians and Christianity. For the rules that apply to many other groups, Jews, Muslim, or Blacks seem to not apply to Christians any longer. We need understand that our children are witnessing a time of ‘talking down’ Christianity. Popular books and media services are ‘exposing’ so called hidden secrets and down right lies about our faith. In this climate it isn’t so far fetched for someone to claim that they are not a Christian, and that they are against and not supportive of Christianity because Christianity doesn’t support their group. We are beginning to see quite a high level of distasteful rhetoric from the gay community in specific lately. Because Christianity does approve of the ‘gay lifestyle’ various gay groups are now overtly disrespectful of all things Christian. Your teen sees his or her ‘favorite’ actor or actress out-right bashing Christianity because they are either, gay or very liberal, and simply because it’s the new ‘cool’ thing to do in Hollywood. Many local newspapers tend to lean left and are supportive of various subversive lifestyles offended by Christianity’s beliefs and so an anti-Christianity disposition comes through whatever they report or don’t report, on purpose. There are many ‘safety-nets’ in place today to prevent any actions or speech to come across as ‘anti-Muslim’. However, it appears to be ‘open season’ for Christian’s and Christianity. I make this point not because my feelings are hurt or I wish for things to be different. No, I make this point in an attempt to explain the polluted climate that ‘The New Dark Ages’ has grown out of.

Another factor aiding this climate is popular publishing houses. Many recent best-selling books are on or have been on the market taunting the claims of undiscovered secrets and purposive lies in Christianities history. As when times are tough and supposed lies are being ‘discovered’, it isn’t difficult for us to see a, ‘rewriting’ of historical fact as well as a twisting and replacement of the facts with convoluted misunderstandings and conspiracy theories. Whereas twenty five years ago if someone would have claimed the same, they would have been ‘locked up’ and their mental faculties questioned at great lengths.

It may be a bit cliché however; it has served us all very well up to now. We have always understood the general unwritten ‘rule’ that the guys with the white hats were good guys and the ones in black hats were the bad guys. We understood this basic ‘rule’ that dark or black was bad and light or things of the light were positive. This ‘rule’ came from our Judeo-Christian upbringing and the general comparisons found in our Bible about light and dark. However, today there appears to be so many more shades of grey and things aren’t as ‘cut and dry’ as they used to be. Today because of the various shades of grey, real or not, we are witnessing an almost total reversal of the once general opinion of all things dark and/or black. For an example today our children have witnessed their parents graduate from dopey horoscopes in the daily newspaper to having psychic’s tell their fortune and pick out more favorable days for certain family events. These activities were once considered dark and are still an activity for Christians to avoid. Pop culture today has many very popular television shows during prime time, dealing with ‘spirits’ or ghosts of the dead, who need someone’s help in what they call ‘crossing-over’. This too was and is still considered dark and not an activity Christians should partake of.

However, in pop culture these dark activities are often seen in a ‘new light’, pun intended, as not so very dark or scary any longer. The younger generation that always seems willing to challenge the older generation’s rules and guidelines can find something that someone is going to take offense to. Therefore, the younger generation that takes offense to the unwillingness of the older generation, to accept things that are dark. This gives the younger generation something to be offended over and something to shake their head over. As you can now see the unwillingness is the issue and not the dark or negative action(s). Just a simple quick twist and the issue is lost in the emotions. I’m sure you now can see that within this type of polluted and ‘cloudy’ climate something dark, something bad, something very bad, could thrive long enough to be a problem, with just a bit of tweaking to the over all ‘script’ of things. Allow me to now clarify the things of days past with the new twist and tweaking to produce desired results in and with our children.

In our generation, back when we were teens, mostly all of us enjoyed going to the movies and being frightened by some spooky, dopey and completely fictitious monster. Knowing that it was unreal didn’t lose its scariness with most of us. The most frightening and serendipitous of characters for most of us was that of the vampire. There were many others however, the vampire seemed to be the scariest for most of us. A completely fictitious, dark and evil character that took what they wanted without ever asking! This was seen and held to be almost as brash and distasteful and even looked upon as rape. Because vampires ‘needed’ and wanted blood to drink was even scarier and totally gross to us.

The reason I used the word serendipitous is because today’s pop culture is again resurrecting, so to speak, and no pun intended, the character of the vampire, once again. This time though the facts of this character are being deviously twisted, tweaked, convoluted and portrayed completely untrue and different than originally intended in days past. However, because we are talking about a fictitious character, many of us adults don’t find the need to argue the fine points; we state that it just doesn’t matter. Rather, I suggest we need to understand that because of this twisting and/or replacement of the commonly held facts that it truly is important because it is now being done purposely twisted so that once fearful dark and evil characters are simply now more appealing to our children. The why of this in the first place, is because this has lead to many misunderstandings and a reversal of things dark and once considered evil.

If Hollywood can somehow and in someway twist things just a bit, then this bad, evil guy, in the black hat or not, isn’t so bad or evil any longer. Now because he isn’t so evil any longer, he is purposely made to look tough and attractive to the ladies. So then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if one of us wanted to look like him or dress like him, in an attempt to also be popular with the ladies. This twisting and tweaking must happen; because, no one would ever consider emulating such a totally evil character unless they were deranged. Therefore it becomes sort of okay to twist and re-write the character description to a more fitting ‘modern’ one.

This twisting is a bit difficult to completely understand. However, as with most deception, if one takes notice of the results, positive or negative, and then follows those results back to the intension, they can make a determination based on the results. Bad results equal bad intension; Good results equal good intension. Why would Hollywood want to re-write, twist, and tweak an evil character into a ‘not-so-bad’ guy with a lot of good-looking lady friends? Simply because it makes things evil more appealing and acceptable to our impressionable children. Allow me to continue and if you begin to have trouble following, come back and re-read this paragraph again. Let’s apply this understanding to the new twisted character they intend for our children to emulate.

Vampires of the past were held to be evil and inhumanely cannibalistic by just about everyone. Vampires were creepy looking and acting characters. In our day, vampires had to endlessly roam the night looking to drink the blood of their next unwilling victim. Vampires were damned souls destined to roam the earth and to never experience the final resting place of heaven. Additionally, the only thing a vampire really had to fear was the shape of a cross and/or a wooden stake that was to be driven into their heart as they slept in their coffin (uh, gross) during the daytime. Women were not drawn or sexually attracted to vampires, on either side of the big screen. Vampires were not ‘sexy’ or seen as attractive because they were completely disgusting, gross and evil beasts that slept in coffins! Pretty much a total turn-off for most if not all women. Women would and could fall under the ‘spell’ of the evil creature of days past; sort of an unwilling hypnotic trance, but surely not because of any sexual attraction was implied or ever existed. Now again follow closely for a moment this is a key point. Yes, even in days long ago, vampires would ‘penetrate’ the neck of their victims in order to drink their blood; however, there was no sexual connection via the ‘penetration’ comparison ever made or understood by anyone in the past. However scary and repulsive vampires were generally held to be completely fictitious and scary only for the purpose of entertainment or until our popcorn ran out.

However fun and innocent vampires were in our day, it can’t be said of our children because of the current plot of deception to mislead our children into accepting all things evil as simply different shades of grey. It is here that the intension becomes clearer as to why anyone would be guilty of twisting and tweaking.

Due to many recent high dollar box-office hits in Hollywood, today’s vampires are portrayed by young and attractive boys. Some would even go as far as to say ‘sexy’ and sexually appealing movie stars. Now the very suggested sexual analogy of sexual penetration isn’t just suggested, it is surely intended and even made crystal clear for those too young to completely understand any off-handed and cloudy analogy. The once dreaded curse of having to wander the earth endlessly isn’t considered now, really all that negative. This has been shown in more favorable light and is now almost seen as a good bonus. It is seen as a type of immortality that can’t be achieved by any other means. Today vampires still drink another’s blood however, in the new script they can do it ‘less completely’ or not as much as in days long gone. Now drinking just a little is sort of okay, after all, we all need to eke out a living somehow. Remember, in days past, when one was bitten by a vampire they too, were then doomed to roam the earth endlessly in search of their next unwilling victim? Today, on the other hand, one can be bitten just a little or can even give permission for another to drink, but only a small amount so that they won’t become a full-fledge vampire in the process. This new behavior is almost as similar to ‘making out’. Good girls can let it (making-out) go on for a bit, but when things begin to get out of hand, they must be stopped it at once, so as to remain a ‘good girl’. Nowadays with ‘this new twisted script’ for vampires, with ‘sexy’ and attracted actors, and the new fact that one can be bitten just a little, the once fearful vampire has been greatly reduced to just a mischievous young lad.

Because of this reduction, evil beast to more mischievous lad, there isn’t as much a need for the once brave and feared ‘vampire hunter’. The twisting and tweaking continues with this character; nowadays, the vampire hunter is simply portrayed as a bumbling idiot or by a fallen priest. Gone too are the days when just any old cross would frighten the vampire into a cringe and to a quick flight away. In today’s new twisted script one must now have a strong religious faith as well as a cross to achieve the same results. Do you see how the once all-powerful religious item has been reduced to a product of another’s understanding instead of simply being full of power from God. Gone also are the days when a vampire had to fear the light of day and the fact that they didn’t have a reflection in a mirror. In the old days the vampires stayed hidden in their coffin, in some secret room of their house, until there was no possibility of any sunshine shinning on them. Can you now remember the inference of just how bad/evil these characters were? They couldn’t tolerate any of the light and would die if left in the sunlight. Remember the inference to all the Bible stories about light? The story of how things evil and dark feared all things of the light, AKA Jesus the Light of the world? Can you see now the cloudy twists and tweaks with the intension to deceive? Tie all things twisted together to see the hidden intent to deceive. With the promotion of the vampire to mischievous lad; the demotion of the vampire hunter to less than respected idiot or bad priest as well as the facts of vampires being a bit more accepting of the light of day we have one character that our impressionable kid’s can now have empathy for. All one must do is to cultivate empathy a bit and we will get children who wish to emulate as well. What an amazing twist that has the incredible power to make evil more appealing for our kids!

I truly hope you can see my reason to point out the various differences, simply to highlight, uncover and expose for you what I see as and what I will call the ‘hand of Satan’. If not Satan, who then could benefit from such wonderfully powerful twisting and tweaking of evil things to be more appealing to our kids? Surely not God or anything of the Light! Exposing our children to the dark side (evil), a little bit at a time, while changing evil into simply mischievousness makes evil more appealing, or not as affront. Understand that the twisting and tweaking must be subtle and non-descript in order to get pass our adult radar. Surely those with devious intent could not come out on the six-o’clock news and declare that they wanted to make our children more drawn to dark and evil things! Because of how subtle their intent is, one appears to be a religious nut! Now one can accuse me of over-doing things a bit or accuse me of making something wrong out of nothing. I truly wish I was. However, if I were not telling the truth, than why do our children see vampires in a new light; why do they empathize with them and why do they actually wish to emulate them? Allow me to develop this point a bit more for clarity.

Simply put, I hope you can now see the devious twisting and tweaking to make evil more palatable for our children. We all know and believe that a frequent exposure, applied with various twisting and tweaking will callus people to the point where the once strange appears less-than-strange and more ‘normal’ or acceptable. I can almost hear you parents asking out loud as you read this saying, “we are still talking about make-believe here, right”? “This is just a fictional story and characters created to sell tickets for the theatre industry, right”? Yes we are still talking about a once make-believe character; for me and for most, average Christian adults. Our children however, are being manipulated for devious dark and evil reasons. The reason is simply, to make them more accepting of things dark and evil. If this can be done, our children can easily walk away from God and all things of the Light. Or as we have seen a recent rapidly growing trend towards pagan beliefs and actions as well as the practice of ‘white’ witchcraft (also called Wicca) by our youth. So yes folks, we were talking about make-believe for you and me. For our children, we did not know it until recently, but they, our children, are talking about real things taken from our make-believe! The following will prove all that I am saying. If more proof is needed, as I said back when we started, call your local police and hear it directly from them! I tell you honestly, if this were not true, the following activities would not be happening to our children across the country.

In just about every major city today there are rather large groups of youngsters who have bought into the new twisted and tweaked script for vampires, and in doing so many of our kid’s wish to seriously emulate today’s scripted vampire characters, because they are ‘cool’, sexy and all powerful! All attributes our children wish to possess. Yes, that statement is rather difficult to take, however it is so very true to our children!

Now there are varying degrees to all of this. However, I know you couldn’t be one of the few who didn’t notice that our children began dressing and acting rather strange lately, we all brushed it off as some new fad called, Goth or Gothic. Whereas that is partly right, a group of our children equate looking Gothic as looking like a vampire. So now with the want to look as Goth and as a vampire, is to dress in all dark/black clothing and to wear long black top coats. Strong overly done, large buckets on super thick and strong looking combat boots, and things such as coloring their faces pale white with dark sunken eyes and to have black painted finger nails, all in order to look more like a vampire and/or the Gothic characters of today’s screen stars. Multiple body piercing and tattoos go hand-in-hand with this new look to vary degrees of intensities, and those children who would have shunned this type of behavior and dress at one time, are now falling right in step. Unfortunately, we parents in general, sat back and watched it all happen shaking our parental heads at the new fad.

The most extreme of this group are found hanging out in ‘underground’ or ‘secret’ unknown to most parents, Gothic/vampire nightclubs and/or youth centers depending on the age of the kids involved. Out east, police have found ‘secret’ club rooms behind normal corner bars that the locals (adults) didn’t know anything about it. To stir the pot a bit, so to speak, we now even have several Hollywood stars who also dress and act like this and their contribution to the vampire culture is very strange and violent lyrics in their popular songs. Some claim that these stars fuel this new pop culture; others see it as just a passing fad in music and filling a need. Simply because of how ‘cool’, how sexy and how much in control, yet untouchable and powerful the modern immortal vampires are, they now have a new and very serious following… Our teen children in the form of Gothic vampires.

You are now welcomed and even encouraged to call your police and validate everything I wrote here. I know it sounds very strange, bizarre and too difficult to swallow. I also know that I am beginning to sound like a ‘conspiracy theory expert’ and a ‘right-wing’ nut, who sees ‘the devil’ around every corner as well as in the details! However, I merely attempted to provide you with as much of the background and the climate that lead to this, as well as to the over all devious reasons. I truly wish it all was untrue! Your local police can fill you in more and validate what I have stated.

However, before you go, allow me tell you that there are two major groups of Goth/vampire cults. One, unfortunately, do actually drinks each others blood! The fear of Aids or Hepatitis isn’t a real issue for these ‘all powerful vampire kids’. The other group of Gothic/vampires are called ‘psychic energy-vampires’! The extreme group, however small, who actually drink blood, do so by various blood letting rituals found in occult and satanic books. This radical group usually wish to ‘hide out’ or sleep most of the day away and then to come out ‘only at night’ to hang out in local ‘secret’ Gothic clubs. The other group is a bit less dangerous and do not drink blood but do go around sucking ‘energy’ from people and younger children, so they confess. With both groups and with some of the ‘Goth only’ kids, a good majority of these youths do not want anyone to label them good, Christian or even simply average. No, they would rather we call them evil, Gothic and/or a true vampires. Just about anything in line with son of the devil or Satan’s son and wicked would be preferred. As well as the fact that school violence goes hand-in-hand with this vampire/Goth culture so does inverted pentagrams, the number 666 and other occult and Satanic symbols that are used and truly cherished by these youths. The so-called ‘new age’, Wicca or white witchcraft appears to be another on-ramp, not the only way to this Goth/vampire culture due to the amount of pagan practices and beliefs that have infiltrated. Statement such as, the triple goddess as well as the ‘horned’ god of the hunt are phrases tossed around as though the meanings were universal and understood by all.

Your local police will inform you if there are any groups like this in your town or if it hasn’t hit there yet, you can take it as being fore-warned. Lastly, while I am speaking of warnings you need to know that there is one group of male adults predators that hang around these kids. There appears to be many forty and fifty year old males dressing and acting like the most extreme kid’s, in order to be able to be close to the young impressionable girls. Buying alcohol and teaching the younger girls how to be Goth/vampire as well as other activities such as Tantra sex magic (magic spelled with a k) being propagated by these ‘adult’ predators. A popular reality television show recently had a contestant that would fit the description of an adult male in his forties or early fifties, acting and dressing as one of the kid’s in some vampire/Goth cult. He favored dark clothes, body piercing, multiple tattoos and being called evil, wicked and so on. I only point him out as an example. I do not know if he hangs around the kids or not in his home town or is guilty of any propagated actions. However, every town seems to have a large enough group of adult males in very close with the local females. Be on the watch for this type. Their in is ‘just how much they understand while your parents don’t’! Similar enough to the on-line predators that use the same logic to have young girls open up and become victims.

Now, no not all the children dressing and acting in this way are against Jesus, in with the devil and going to cause some sort of school violence. However, it goes a long way to understand the very mass mind set of our children. Yes, to certain extents kids go through various fads that adults find silly. This action and these kids involved in the Goth/vampire culture are not just another passing fad. When these children wish to emulate a once fictitious evil character, simply because many are portrayed as strong and sexy in today’s media something is wrong and needs immediate attention. This is very difficult for many adults to grasp, I understand. It is equally difficult for a parent to empathize and actually comprehend the fact that their very own child wants to look dead, or pale faced with dark sunken eyes. Their child wants to paint their fingernails black and to shun any and all bright and cheery things because they are for ‘losers’. I understand that this article is a rather large morsel for anyone to swallow. However, if we are going to ever offer any help and to pull these kids back into the fold, we must completely understand what we are dealing with. We must also understand the general condition of their soul and their level of true clinical mental depression.

Simply because this is so bizarre and strange, please do not turn away and hide from the facts. It truly doesn’t help you or your child! Don’t allow your children to be involved in all this without you sitting down and having several serious talks. If your child isn’t involved to a dangerous degree, great! If your child is however, take this article re-read it several times until you know what you are talking about and then pull your child back by unconditional love and not ridicule. If this article helps you in any way please pass it around to every adult and authority you know. Information is power and information clothed with sincere concern out of unconditional love can and will bring our children back to their families. God bless you and yours!

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