Stallone on HGH: Should We Follow His Footsteps and Use Human Growth Hormone For Anti Aging and Fitness?

HGH or the human growth hormone has gained popularity in the celebrity world today. Many professional athletes as well as other celebrities have been caught or admitted to using the substances. HGH is naturally produced in the body and as individuals grow from children to adults it is produced in extremely large quantities to promote the growth and development of a healthy body. As the production decrease the aging process such as the formation of wrinkles and a decrease in lean muscle begin to take over.

Many individuals begin taking HGH supplements to increase the amount of HGH in the blood and reverse the aging process. Celebrities and athletes who make their living in the eye of the public are especially vulnerable to the pressure of staying young and competitive. Actors and actresses like to stay at the top of their game and athletes like to be able to compete with anyone. For these reasons HGH has become very popular. The only problem with that is that many forms of HGH require a prescription and are only given to those individuals who have hormone deficiencies. However these days anyone with money can get the expensive drug.

Sylvester Stallone is yet another celebrity that has been linked to the HGH world. At the age of over 60 he has a body that most young men in their twenties could only dream of. In his beefy roles as Rocky and Rambo he always showcases a flawless and lean muscular body. He has been linked to enhancing drugs for a while but only recently has he finally admitted what most people already suspected. Stallone has publicly credited HGH and testosterone treatments with helping him form his lean million dollar body. This is nothing new, many body builder use these substances because HGH and other hormones help to break down fat and increase muscle mass.

After an incident involving illegal HGH Stallone was forced to do some explaining. Sylvester Stallone was detained in a Sydney Australian airport after 48 vials of Jintropin which is a human growth hormone and testosterone were found in his luggage. Both substances are illegal in Australia without a prescription so he was detained. Stallone has now admitted that he used HGH to get in top shape for his newest movies and that he feels it is perfectly natural and that all men over 40 should give it a try. He was met with a wave of criticism because not only are steroids and HGH used for purposes other than to treat hormone deficiencies illegal but they can also be dangerous. Many people experience adverse effects and the effects of long term usage have not been properly researched or documented.

People have spoken out about the illegal use and abuse of HGH injections and how dangerous they can be. Stallone on the other hand continues to praise the so called miracle drug and recommends it to individuals. It has done wonders for his body but as mentioned before, researchers are unaware of the long term effects that it many have. This fact in addition to the fact that it is illegal for casual usage forces the public to think carefully before following the footsteps of Stallone.

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Post Author: Gurjinder Cheema

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