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2009 Movies – A Look At How Technologies Have Changed Movies Forever

Films are one of the most required and desired source of amusement and excitement in ones life. Our lives have changed tremendously with industrial advancements and growth. We can live a more comfortable life as compared to the life in the past. The technology has not only changed our existence but also largely changed the world of films which has a great influence in our day to day lives. We just can’t imagine about living without films as movies are the most wished amusement zone for all the generations. Whether you are a child or a teenager or an older person, there is a large range of movies for everybody. Now we see how the improved` technologies have altered movies forever. Therefore, the year 2008 the audience was greatly impressed by James Bond-Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace who used an improved piece of gadget that was a phone with a camera and GPS!, Now that was a genuine tech piece and this style and some unusual gadgets along with Hollywood extraordinary effects gurus will surely continue in 2009 as well and will naturally pull a huge crowd of spectators towards the 2009 films. In Iron Man, Tony Stark prepares a suit of shield that was highly powered internally; this was made to flee his rebel captors after which he carefully lands into his billion dollar home laboratory where he sharpens his armor ouyfit to a greatly powerful machine after which he becomes an Iron Man. The team of researchers and scientists are working day and night to create robotic suits that will really increase the wearer’s power. This is also called Strength-Enhancing Exoskeleton Armor. Now what more can popularize 2009 movies? Levitation, a kind of mysterious or mystic phenomenon has largely effected 2009 films. Technical Levitation like Yoda where a paranormal power is applied to pick up Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing from the swamp and some invention like flying saucers and other aircrafts that stay in the air have a great positive impact on the 2009 movies. The research scientists are still working to cope with newest levitation of Power. Magnetism has created a levitation effect on certain objects and recently scientists have discovered additional techniques to enhance levitation technology. All these developments have proved to be a gift for 2009 Movies. Invisibility is the most appealing experience used in 2009 movies; you can see it in Harry Porter’s films which produce more of thrill than knowledge. This invisibility technology has produced startling effects that can be viewed in Porter’s shroud. The invisibility researchers are operating upon to produce reality effects in invisibility skill and it is their renewed dedication which will be proved with the release of Harry Porter and the Half-Blood Prince. The X-Ray Vision Effect seen in Superman is an excellent model of technological X-ray Vision in these advanced movies. In 1996, Arnold Schwarzenegger bik`e Eraser, this film displayed a greatly developed weapon called rail-gun that could see through solid objects was all because of extraordinary impact created by X-ray Vision technology. The scientists have come out with a new technology called terahertz imagery that can see through materials and plastic clothes. The presentation of Thermal imaging spectacles worn by police and military has set a strong liking for 2009 Movies. Time Travel experience was a great hit which was viewed in Back To Future style De Lorean time is impracticable but Einstein’s researches have exposed a way to time travel. Then with the time dilation incident it was possible to travel to future, where if one brother of the twins traveled to space with the speed of light, he would be younger than his twin brother who existed on the planet and if his space tour went on for a year, the twin would show that he had been for ten years. Well all this and a lot more yet to come and stun the world with astonishing technology that will alter the perception of 2009 Movies.

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