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Tv Stars Earn Fat Paychecks

It’s given that if you’re a Hollywood star you’re certainly sleeping on fat paychecks. If you thought huge greenback is just in the movies, then it’s time to revise your impressions. Check out the earnings of some top television stars and you’d know that TV is as much a money-spinner as any big budgeted film. Take the stars of FRIENDS for instance. None have a film career worth talking about, but their bank balance remains hefty. The TV series has catapulted them to worldwide success, and earned them a whopping one million dollars per episode in the last two seasons. The stars just started off with a mere $1600 per episode. The success of the program saw their prices skyrocket 600 times in a span of 10 years.

Imagine the kind of revenue the show grosses if the makers can afford to pay the stars such gigantic amounts. These shows have an audience appeal that beats anything on big screen. Multiple-award winning show Grey’s Anatomy has been an audience favorite since it started in 2005. Katherine Heigl who plays Dr Izzie Stevens in the show, was among the top 20 highest paid actresses. Who needs movies when TV can give you fame and money? Ask Eva Longoria Parker, another actress featuring in the same elite list, or her Desperate Housewives co-star Teri Hatcher, who’s reportedly earning a whopping $285,000 per episode. They’d vouch for television any day.

International supermodel Tyra Banks’ date with fame hasn’t halted even after she delved into television shows. Hosting America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show has raked in big moolah for the modeling queen. She tops the list of highest paid actresses with earnings of $23 million a year. Money in television has been big for some time now. The stars of Seinfeld (1989-1998) experienced fortune pouring down after the humongous success of the show. Jerry Seinfeld accompanies the Friends stars in the million-dollar club, since his pay packet matched theirs in the final season of the show.

Television shows of every genre reach out to the audience in diverse ways. Apart from usual daytime space on TV, they are found on Internet TV and DVDs in the market. The makers have multiple ways of making sure they sell their shows to an audience that adores their conception so much.

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