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Black Swan movie directed by world class thriller movie director call Darren Afonosky who has already brought amazing and world famous thriller and adventurer stories for us. He is very silent director and he doesn’t always enter to the movie directing. He brings world number one hits after long time. He has won 17 awards and 21 award nominations too. There are most efficient as well as wonderful movie cast participated for colorful this movie very much. They are Natalie Portman as Dancing Queen call White swan she has born in 9 June 1981 Jerusalem Israel. She has nominated for Oscar award and she won 8 awards. Her name was nominated for another 15 awards as well.

Mila Kiuins as Lily in this Watch Black Swan Online movie and she has born in 14 August 1983 in Ukraine. She has won 3 awards and another 14 award nominations. In this movie she had done super supporting role. She also best young actress and we can see she has good talent and skills. she can polish them for her future achievements. Vincent Cassel as Thomas. He is actor, Producer as well as Sound Tracker. He has born in 23 November 1966 in Paris France. He has won 7 awards as well as 7 award nominations for his brilliant performances. In the movie call Irreversible we can see his bet performances and it earns lots of awards to him.

Black Swan movie story runs around life of a talented dancing woman who world famous by perform in the Ballet Dance. There some mysteries which she has to face among her friends as well as behind the stage. She meets another new friend and she never thought it makes her life upside down. This awesome movie’s totally estimated budget is $17,000,000. Hope exactly this Black Swan movie will goes to the Box Office as well as makes big change of the movie stories in the whole Hollywood.

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