Dog Clothes – More Than Just Sweaters

As a dog owner, do you have any dog clothes for your wagging wonder? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Over the past several years, the dog clothes industry has exploded as a growing number of pet owners have started dressing their canine companions. No doubt, this trend began with the Hollywood film industry portraying dog actors as fashion conscience complimenting their human sidekicks. Movies such as Legally Blonde and Hotel for Dog’s coupled with Hollywood celebrities’ personal pooches dressing to match their owners and it is no wonder the dog clothes industry has spiked.

In the not so distant past pet owners would not have dreamed of outfitting their pet in dog clothes such as a dog dress or dog costume for a private party let alone prancing around in public with their dog in fashion functional dog clothes. Today, however, fashionably accessorized dogs do not have to be Hollywood stars. People are dressing their dogs in costumes and seating with people watching their favorite sports team with Fido fashionably dressed in a dog t-shirt displaying the team logo. You can even outfit your dog in her own bridesmaid dog dress to take part in your nuptials.

The evolution of the dog clothes industry is not unlike the human clothing industry. Dog clothes began with functional only clothing from dog coats and dog sweaters designed specifically as protection from foul weather. As people began to knit their own dog sweaters they added a little fashion to the style, sizes fit their dog’s body and so on. Today, dog apparel is only limited by imagination while still keeping true to function and protection.

As the pet industry continues to grow with dog friendly hotels, restaurants and bars so will dog clothes. Pet owners more and more are taking their canines on vacation where swimming and boating are part of the daily activities. Providing a dog life vest is the result of a conscience pet owner instead of a fashion accessory. Apartment living is once again in fashion so too will the need for dog coats and dog sweaters not to mention dog boots for not just for those snowy days but for harmful debris a dog could walk through.

Winter is approaching and with it comes the cold weather; shorthaired dogs and smaller breeds will benefit from a warm dog coat or dog sweater. If you’re a dog owner and have yet to experience dog apparel and what it will do for the family pet, this is a great place to start. Let your dog get into the festivities with the whole family.

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Post Author: Gurjinder Cheema

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