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the new sherlock holmes movie is a disappointment to die hard is full of action and no sharpness

New Sherlock Holmes – Movie is out and what a great disappointment to die hard reader! It was obvious from promos that this will be action-movie but too much of action.Looks like Robert Downey Jr. was in mood of Iron-man.

If you are die hard fan of Holmes like mine then you find lack of subtleness and sharpness in the movie. Everything is so extravagant that our character seems lost. Holmes looks always in hurry, bizarre and completely against his habits like his hair are messy, clothes are full time untidy and most importantly he is so outward! Well he is witty and unpredictable but he is not crazy as he seems in the movie.

What was the script writer thinking? director treated this movie like Titanic or Godzilla, but why – may be they want to make a larger than life show.

Those who never read Holmes or just heard will think that he is just another intelligent , smart , superhero kind of guy who love women. And here comes Worst Romantic Plot when R.Downey Jr. kisses Rachel Adams! On the contrary Holmes was only in love with his work.

This movie looks like just another action-comedy-romantic-Hollywood-typical.So what good about this movie is that you can watch Holmes once again. One good thing is friendship between R.Downey Jr. and Jud Law.

Its ok they mess with story but they shouldn’t have play with characters.  

So as expected that we’ll able to see a sharp and witty detective who love his work and nothing more besides playing violin and smoking cigars like Jeremy Brett had played. Sometimes who take cocaine but as alert and silent in his action.

Looks like this is an American version of Sherlock Holmes.  

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