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Best Mafia Wars Tips Revealed! How to Win At Mafia Wars

There’s something exciting and fun about the lifestyle of a major organized crime boss as manifested by the great success of Hollywood movies. Mafia Wars created and operated by Zynga on various social websites is the prime and leading game of such gaming theme.

If you are serious about winning and dominating the Mafia Wars game, make sure you read this article now.

1. Recruiting More People To Join Your Mafia

A strong family or team in Mafia Wars means a lot to your game. It helps to have a strong family to back you up. For example, you will be able to fight off invaders and bully other families in fights. It goes without saying that the more people you have in your Mafia family will determine how strong and good you are in the game.

So start recruiting more people to join your mafia now. Having just 30 players in your team just won’t make the cut to form a strong mafia presence. Remember that.

2. Godfather Reward Points – How to Use Them

Godfather points are a precious asset to you, and you should always use them wisely. When you start to play the game, you will have 10 Godfather points. The normal newbies usually use the Godfather points in the initial stage of the game, which is an unwise decision. Do not use your points on money, health, stamina recovery and family members as these are easy to achieve by just doing some work.

Godfather points are really hard to get and sometimes, you just have to fill out the surveys or even fork out some hard earned real money to buy the reward points.

3. The Money Tips

There is nothing better for cash flow than properties. You need to build your mafia so big that you can get your hands on as many Mafia Mike’s bars as you can in the early stage of the game. Mafia Wars requires you to have another additional 2 family members in order to get one new Mafia Mike’s bar. For this reason, in order to get more of these bars, you need to have more members in your mafia.

You can do so by sending out requests to other players actively and frequently. As they say, the first ones are usually the hardest ones. As you level up and go to a higher stage, it’s going to be much easier to earn much more money doing jobs. When you are capable of earning a lot of money, make sure you invest it on properties and not do nothing with it.

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