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Why Personalized Champagne Glasses Make Great Prom Favors

Consider prom, or the high school dance, as the one of the central, most hyped and anticipated moments, celebrations and paragons of teenage-life. The prom is a pinnacle of years of expectations and months of planning go into making prom everything it is supposed to be.

Through popular culture and a number of Hollywood movies, proms have taken on almost mythical proportions. A number of reality shows on cable television frequently cover behind the scenes of prom preparations, prom evenings, prom nights with all of the fun, drama and commotion that follow.

Prom here America, is almost as much a staple event, as the wedding and follows a rigorous amount of tradition, routines and procedures – all of which are important.

The booming business around Prom is extensive and commonly centers around the black tie or tuxedo for the boys and the traditional prom dress for the girl – often purchased in specialized shops or boutiques that make a living on just Prom.

According to tradition, the girls will be wearing a corsage on their wrist and boys a matching boutonnières. According to an article in USA Today from 4/28/2004, costs for a teenager on prom night ranges from $400 to $3,000 – commonly including clothing, hair, flower arrangements, nice dinner and a white limousine.

The evening traditionally begins at someone’s house where a group of friends gather before going to dinner or the actual prom dance together. Ideally, a limousine will take the crowd of teenagers to their destination.

As with all celebrations and festivities of magnitude, it is customary to toast with the parents or each other and champagne flutes, commonly called just Champagne Glasses are an excellent way of making the event more special and memorable.

Personalized Champagne glasses at Prom are a great idea to dazzle the crowd of friends with a festive touch. Prom will be remembered through a life time and so will the people that were there, the dresses and the surrounding elements.

But the Prom-customized Champagne glasses don’t just have to be used for home. Many ballrooms or banquet halls being decorated for prom feature a drinking area where fruit punch and other beverages are being served. Here, Champagne glasses are an excellent option instead of traditional glasses, or plastic cups or mugs.

The Champagne Glasses will increase the fun factor and the feeling of exclusivity significantly for the attendants.

Prom is not just an American staple, but is celebrated around the world in similar fashion and sometimes with a twist of local tradition. As a global phenomenon, Champagne Glasses are ideal prom favors that will be appreciated and kept by teenagers worldwide.

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