W500 promotional / Professional 720P projector break 7,000 barrier-IT industry

Including the first value into the HQV technology BenQ W500 Projector , Well since listing last year favorable for the industry. But the million or above the market price of the purchase blocking the projector fan enthusiasm Network Video bodies Court Recent promotional offer for this machine, from years ago, straight down the price of yuan 6999 Yuan To repay consumers broke through the psychological price threshold of consumers. To present in order for the projector 720, W500 can be said to have a number of value function of today’s killer with LCD projector. Interested friends may wish to know this value for money with the absolute advantage of the machine.

Listed on this projector a perfect human nature with its Design , Excellent feel, excellent feature set, simple and quick to use the industry attracted many people’s attention. The price of the plain has the highest image quality, just play HQV video test DV D, had already received almost AllPass achievements. Even if the analog video signal input through the color to play a general 480DVD film, W500 can also demonstrate than 720 L CD Objects more rounded smooth lines and soft texture, combined with the functions of the dynamic Iris show, the previous LCD projectors are prone to the dark enough Shen Chen Department issues, on top of the W500 seems to have better improvement. W500 to have such a performance, can only say that unless you have prejudices for its resolution, or to start buying 720 projector selected consumers, W500 can already be considered the first choice for this level of reference models .

BenQ W500 projector Next, let the technical performance of in-depth analysis W500

Benq W500 First carry HQV Chip 720P Home Projector Hollywood

HQV video processing chip for the high-end R & D Watson SiliconOptix the image processing technology, already widely used in Hollywood movies in video post-production, and now even been listed as a number of audio and video products company’s flagship 1080p projector product specifications. BenQW500 home theater projector, the leading industry-market with HQV chip 720p projector to make your limited budget, have the same quality!! In addition, together with BenQ’s exclusive Senseye significant color technology allows you to connect standard definition (SD, such as DVD) signal, the enjoyment of increasing frequency and calculated by 1024 points generated from the process of the great high-definition screen, and Hollywood film rating the degree of image contrast. This once again proves BenQ projector series R & D strengths and needs in every possible way for you!

Significant color science and technology ( Senseye TM ) Contrast Enhancement Technology  

Watch high definition programming, or whether there is demand for large-screen images, W500 can give you the most enjoyment. The ultimate expression of high dynamic contrast, bright part and dark picture details as clearly visible.

W500 through the aperture control to simulate the operation of the human eye pupil, according to the needs of different image quality to provide the best light source intensity. Images in the dark, through the aperture of the contract, still allows you to experience the most true and most delicate details of the screen, allowing you to share pictures of real immersive experience. Bright image in the aperture through the zoom, so image can be the most adequate light. Light intensity regardless of why the image, the screen always showing the best results clear.

Significant color science and technology ( Senseye TM ) Exquisite Enhancement Technology

Even with the noise signal source, through clear and strengthen the technical, W500 still able to show a clear high-definition screen fine.

W500 is more than can conventional imaging, such as analog TV or convert to the HD DVD high-definition screen images were color technology (Senseye TM ) With the use of similar to procedures used by Hollywood studios, more precise analysis of each pixel screen, bring you the most perfect real delicate images.

By image analysis technology box, flying mosquito noise suppression and random noise reduction technology, to precisely remove the image noise, and can be modified after several image compression resulting from the distorted image.

Significant color science and technology ( Senseye TM ) Dynamic Optimization  

W500 noticeable color technology (Senseye TM ) Dynamic Optimization technology, can automatically repair image distortion caused by rapid change, and then presents the clearest picture.

When the TV program or DVD movie that traditional interlaced images converted to high quality non-interlaced images, W500’s advanced “dynamic adaptation staggered” technology, while processing times compared to other technologies the amount of data that can view up to four map field, your life-like High Definition, as if in person at the cinema.

Advanced through a sophisticated “multi-quadrant diagonal filtering” technology, able to smooth images of moving objects sharp teeth, the minimum to 5 to 7 degrees, and general technology can only handle from 30 to 45 degrees.

Significant color science and technology ( Senseye TM ) Color Management System  

W500 accurate processing of each input image signals, and according to their image of their brightness and color cast correction. In contrast, the general projector sampling approach used, and can not modify its input signal for each color and color difference. W500 delicate handling, giving you the truest color.

Compared to other brands 8-bit color processing, to present a thousand 6 million colors; W500’s 10-bit color processing capability, can handle more than one billion colors, showing a stunning color images performance. The W500 also uses advanced technology elements of each color independently, even very subtle color changes, you can easily find a clear picture, to see the true color and beauty of the world.

Simple installation, easy to get started  

Tube only has so many rich features and flexible configuration options, W500 still makes it easy to get started, operating freely.

A pointed it out, really simple  

Invest in any of the projector where you want to view, use joystick to operate, easy buttoned everything, so you no longer have to adjust the projector to display the headache. Moreover, the proportion of adjustable screen, vertical screen up to 120%, the level of up to 48%, the highest peer theater projector!!

So you no longer sweat  

Who is willing to let the projector do the heat blowing in their faces? W500 advanced pre-cooling machine home, can no longer smoothly guide the air flow need not worry about the inlet air cooling can not result in overheating. And this design can also be placed in the room to W500 back edge rack, increase installation convenience. <

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