VHS to DVD Transfer – Editing With a PC or Mac

Digital video editing for home movies is where you get to actually see and enjoy all that footage you took of family events. Video editing allows you to delete the parts you do not want or need, add music, and improve all your clips with visual and audio transitions before you burn them to DVD.

Before you edit, you or a professional transfer house has to capture the video footage from tapes and transfer them to digital files on a computer drive. Video editing takes up a lot of space on a computer so be prepared. In fact, be sure that your computer hard drive is up to the task. Take it to a specialist if you think you might need some help to improve your computer’s speed.

You will need really good editing software to edit your many home movies on your home computer. Windows comes with a free software called Microsoft Movie Maker. Macs come with a free editing software called iMovie editing software. If you want to buy something with more meat, take a look at these other video editing software packages.

Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express are two of the software packages that are made for Mac systems.

Corel VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, and Cyberlink PowerDirector are three software packages that are designed only for Windows systems.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a software package made for both operating systems – Mac and Windows.

After the video is completely edited, of course, you’ll need to use a “DVD burner” to record your edited video to DVD. Many computers already have one of these built into its innards. If your computer doesn’t have it, then you’ll need to buy an external burner. In addition to a DVD burner, you will also need a DVD burner software to use the device. When you go to burn your videos to DVD, your software should give you some choices for adding on-screen menus. This will let you divide your DVD disc into “chapters” and show “thumbnails photos” (smaller images) of the chapters onscreen so you can move quickly from scene to scene. The degree to which you are able to orchestrate all of this in the process varies from software to software.

If any of this sounds too hard, just consult with one of your local computer shops. Chances are you will need to buy something from him or her along the way during this whole process of accomplishing your vision of transferring your family memories to DVD. Good luck!

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