Movie Stars with Glasses

In this era full of entertainment and fashion, movie stars should be characterized by their own features. As a result, all the stars try hard to wear some ornaments for the purpose of being outstanding. All of those ornaments, glasses have taken the leading. Different styles of glasses can add different feelings to a person. That’s why a lot of celebrities prefer to wearing glasses when they are in public, and more and more characters in movies or TV series love to wear glasses.

Harry Potter, who was known by almost the children all around the world, is wearing a black pair of glasses in retro style. We all know that Harry Potter is the son of two magicians with great powers. A pair of black retro glasses is just enough to add his mysteriousness. With a pair of glasses like those, Harry Potter seems more mysterious and lovely. It’s no wonder that so many people are crazy about him no matter girls or boys.

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White hair, big smile, a pair of glasses, kind face, can you guess who is it? Yes, it is the elder man on KFC’s brand, the biggest fast-food inventor in Europe. Nowadays, KFC have enjoyed the worldwide reputation because of its taste, good service and so on. Once you have meal in KFC, you wouldn’t forget the kind elder man on the brand. With a pair of glasses, the elder man, who is colonel Harland Sanders, invented the method of frying chickens. The pair of glasses has impressed the customers with kindness and profession, which is preferred by people all around the world.

Do you know Johnny Depp, a great actor, director and humanitarian? Whenever he appeared in the public, people would see he wear a pair of glasses, sometimes a pair of sunglasses, or sometimes a pair of brown frame glasses, which indicate the stillness of him. To some extent, a pair of glasses in the style of dark helps him express a feeling of cool, professional, calm and so on. As a significant figure in the circle of entertainment, Johnny Depp has taken the advantage of glasses well and become bold in personal image.

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I believe that all the people who like reading detective novels all love the detective Conan. The characters of calmness, smartness, acuteness, profession have deeply impressed all the readers and audience. Especially the pair of glasses on his face has particularly outstanding and nearly became the symbol of a professional detective.

From the facts what I have mentioned above, glasses have greatly manifested the characteristics of a person. No matter in the movies, TVs, or in the public, glasses have worked a lot in your image.

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