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Watch The Roommate Movie Online

Watch The Roommate Movie Online

The is a film about a crazy class man in college who becomes obsessed with their roommate that they are randomly pair with in her dorm. The two roommates become very good friends form the start hanging out and sharing things.then all of a sudden Sara begins to notice weird things about Rebbecca. As time goes on Rebbecca becomes obsessed. It almost seems if she is trying to take over every aspect of her young life. Sara now has a stalker on her hands and will have to find a way to get out of this situation safe and alive.

when you  Watch The Roommate Online you will she that this is a great plot and a story to remember. There is a great cast and well-known directors that have all put their hands into this. If you read the reviews online you will see that this movie has been getting top reviews and is especially a hit with younger adults. The only controversy over the film is the movie poster which depicts Southwestern college in the background. The Kansas college is worried that it will give the college a bad name or scared away potential students.

to Watch The Roommate Online just visit the website I have provided for you located at the bottom of the page in blue. Next visit TheaterVIP and become a FREE member. after that you are good to go just find your choice of movie and enjoy the flick. I hope you enjoy the movie because I did but that is for you to decide

CLICK HERE TO Watch The Roommate Online

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