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Silence of the Lambs

Movie posters can be effective marketing tools for a movie. Serving as the film’s first trailer or teaser, movie posters serve as the first invitation to the film. They serve as vehicles for promoting attraction, interest, anticipation and eventual viewing of the film. Movie posters have often been viewed purchased or even printed using online poster printing services.
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A well-designed and effective movie poster has the potential to make the film a box office hit. In order to be effective, poster prints usually have artistic graphic design, haunting imagery, superb photography and catchy, memorable taglines. Some movie posters are better recognized than others due to their iconic poster designs.

One example of this is the film poster of the 1991 thriller, Silence of the Lambs. This film, directed by Jonathan Demme, features stellar performances by actors Jodie Foster as neophyte FBI agent Clarisse Starling and Sir Anthony Hopkins as the brilliantly deranged cannibal, Hannibal Lecter. The film, which spearheads its successful franchise of equally disturbing psychological thrillers, tells the story of agent Clarise Starling on a case to find a brutal serial killer through the help of the brilliantly deranged psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter.
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Over the course of the film, Clarise becomes more and more entangled with the dangerous doctor’s complex and deadly web of evil plans. The plot becomes thick with tension as Clarise moves closer and closer to finding the killer and Lecter, orchestrating and makes a violent escape from the asylum to pursue freedom or worse, to pursue Starling.

The film’s poster successfully portrays both Starling’s valor and vulnerability as it features a full view of Jodie Foster’s expressive face. The film’s overlying themes of fear and psychological horror are seen in Foster’s eyes while the symbolism of silence by the skull headed moth is altogether disturbing and foreboding.
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